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"Contact" call added to CUC Tournament Series

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"Contact" call added to CUC Tournament Series

Postby Peeters » Tue May 07, 2013 2:53 pm

Just curious if Ultimate Canada was actually going to announce this major rule change at some point.

I was perusing UC's website today and was reading through the changes to the CUC tournament manual and found this:

Change 4: Contact call
“Contactâ€￾ call has been added to the CUC tournament series.
14.4 Contact Call - If contact occurs between the thrower and marker that
would constitute a foul under XVI.H.3.a but the thrower does not release the disc, "contact" may be called. Play does not stop and the marker resumes the stall count at "one". Other than resetting the stall count to "one" after the first instance, the "contact" call is treated as any other marking violation. The marker may contest the "contact" call by calling "violation", which stops play. If the thrower calls "contact" after beginning the throwing motion and subsequently releases the disc, it is treated as if the thrower called "foul".

I assume this applies to CUC and Regionals. It's not a big surprise, because I think USAU added this for at least the college series if not more, but it is a major rule addition. Just figured I'd put it out there since I hadn't seen it discussed anywhere.

Edit to add: Here's the link: ... hanges.pdf
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