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Postby harrisdg » Fri Jun 21, 2013 12:21 pm

In a game earlier this week, I was running down field being trailed by a defender. To avoid running into a team mate and her defender, I stopped, my defender ran past me, and the two people I stopped to avoid ran between me and my defender. At this point, a pick was called. Play stopped briefly and then continued without incident.

After wards I discussed the call with my defender who suggested that regardless of the fact that I stopped, the fact that there were other players between him and me meant that a calling a pick was the right move.

I disagreed, we hugged it out, and went on...but I'm a little unclear on the rule. I think the fact that I stopped and he ran past means that no pick could have been called on the play.

Oh TUC BBS, enlighten me with your vast ultimate knowledge....
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Postby larrypmac » Fri Jun 21, 2013 2:07 pm

There can be a pick even if you are standing still, if the people who come in between you obstruct his passage to make a play to defend against you.

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Postby theprdg » Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:10 pm

To add to that, if both you and your defender (#1) had stopped moving, and your teammate and their defender (#2) runs between, there's a good chance a pick would be called by #2 by virtue of having created a situation where #2 would be obstructed by either one of you two and a possible collision.
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Postby atanarjuat » Fri Jun 21, 2013 4:22 pm

The fact that you stopped running does not outright preclude the possibility of a pick. It makes a pick less likely, but it does not completely prevent one.

Picks are defined by XVI.I.1:

A pick occurs whenever an offensive player moves in a manner that causes a defensive player guarding (II.G) an offensive player to be obstructed by another player. Obstruction may result from contact with, or the need to avoid, the obstructing player.

In your situation, I read nothing that sounded to me like there was contact or a need to avoid to an obstruction. That is, having persons run cleanly between you is not in itself a pick. If I have no immediate need to react to my check or to reposition myself accordingly, I see no reason to call a pick when a potential obstruction passes by.

But, bear in mind that one does not necessarily call a pick specifcally on one's check. If he felt that the incoming players were creating an obstruction that he needed to avoid while guarding you, then he is entitled to call a pick infraction.

So, however less likely, your defender may still see good reason to call a pick. If you doubt those reasons, you may contest, and express why. Then -- if you see fit -- you can "hug it out." That's not really my thing.
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