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Withdrawing "stall" call?

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Withdrawing "stall" call?

Postby MikeHobbit » Wed Mar 25, 2015 11:34 am

My understanding is that you can't withdraw a "stall" call and allow the result of the play to stand, but I wanted to check with the rules buffs.

We had a situation in our game last night where the thrower was stalled down and attempted a backwards pass that was incomplete after "stall" was announced. The result of the throw was a turnover 15 metres closer to the endzone the thrower's team was defending. Obviously, it would be advantageous for our team to take possession at the spot of the turnover rather than the spot of the stall in this case.

Reading the rules, XIV.A.3 would seem to suggest taking the disc at the spot of the turnover is not an option. Is that a correct interpretation?
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Re: Withdrawing "stall" call?

Postby Peeters » Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:08 am

Correct. The last sentence of the cited XIV.A.3...

"A stall is not a violation and rule XVI.C does not apply."

XVI.C of course being the Continuation rule. It's immediately dead. Not much recourse here unless you can convince the thrower to contest the stall, which would give you the disc at the spot where it settled. :)
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