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How does play restart in this scenario?

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How does play restart in this scenario?

Postby MikeHobbit » Thu May 12, 2016 1:37 pm

I was playing in a game recently where the disc was thrown deep from the sideline near the endzone we were defending. The throw was O/I and out-of-bounds for its entire flight. Downfield, a member of our team made a greatest attempt and touched the disc while still airborne. A member of the opposing team called him "out" at the point of take-off, which was contested by a member of our team near the play. How should this contested call be resolved? Having the disc revert to the original thrower seems strange, since the play was clearly a turnover, with the only question being where the turnover occurred.
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Re: How does play restart in this scenario?

Postby ashunter » Thu May 12, 2016 3:15 pm

Contested calls should go back to the thrower. But this one is interesting.

In this case, the disagreement was if the player was in bounds when they went airborne, or out of bounds.

Relevant rules

IX.C states: A player contacting the out-of-bounds area is out-of-bounds. A player who is not out-of-bounds is in-bounds. An airborne player retains in-bounds or out-of-bounds status until that player contacts the playing field or the out-of-bounds area.


IX.E: A disc becomes out-of-bounds when it first contacts the out-of-bounds area, contacts an out-of-bounds offensive player, or is caught by an out-of-bounds defensive player


IX.H :To continue play after the disc becomes out-of-bounds, a member of the team gaining possession of the disc must carry it to, and put it into play at, the spot on the playing field proper nearest to where the most recent of the following events occurred:

1. the disc completely crossed the perimeter line;
2. the disc contacted an in-bounds player;

If the offensive player was airborne from inbounds and touched the disc, the disc would come in at the line closest to where the disc was touched.

If he was out of bounds it should go back to where it was thrown from, as that was the last inbounds place.

The interesting catch here is that if the Defenders think the disk was never in bounds, and they should get it where the throw started. The Offense thinks the turnover should happen at the failed catch. If both teams can't agree, conventionally we'd send the disc back to the offense, and they could throw again (which isn't a written 11th edition rule). Because the teams can't agree where the turnover happened, the turnover wouldn't happen at all...

If it was me, and I was on the defensive team, I'd offer to split the difference ;)
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Re: How does play restart in this scenario?

Postby GregS » Sat May 14, 2016 10:47 am

I agree with everything Andrew said, except his conclusion. The offence in this case is not contesting the turnover, so the disc wouldn't go back to the thrower. They are contesting whether the receiver was out-of-bounds when he touched it. As such, I think the turnover would stand, but it should come back in at the point where the greatest attempt was made. Splitting the difference would, however, be a good spirited move.

If the greatest attempt had been successful, then the disc would indeed go back to the original thrower.
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Re: How does play restart in this scenario?

Postby brooks » Thu Jun 09, 2016 11:46 am

Depends, if it was an amazing layout like Remi can do then it is where he touched it.
However, if it was a walking skip-jump that Andrew or Greg could have made then it's back to the point of out-of-boundsness. :eye:
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