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High School Ultimate

Postby Tony Charbonneau » Thu May 25, 2006 5:54 am

There was some mention of TUC trying to promote the sport more aggressively in the GTA. With this season's Toronto high school Ultimate season wrapping up and the JUST tournament tomorrow TUC might want to convey this message.

For starters, the convenor's job for high school Ultimate in Toronto's public system will probably be vacant next year and there won't be a line up of people volunteering for the job. This is probably similar to the case in the Catholic system.

Aside from the scheduling nightmare, this being the school system there is a ton of eligibility, liability and a host of other duties that the convenor is expected to do on their own. Since as usually happens someone takes the job at the very last minute there is little time to either promote the sport among high school coaches or offer any help for teachers/coaches unfamiliar with the rules and strategies.

Long story short is there any way that TUC could make this convenor job easier? This way TUC or any disc organization could have an inside track in promoting Ultimate in the school system.

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