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Seeking a Pro to lead a summer team's practice

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Seeking a Pro to lead a summer team's practice

Postby kevan » Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:28 am

Hey TUCers!
I'm part of a Tuesday night co-ed ultimate team (ELEVENS). We play really well as a team, but I think most of us could stand to improve on strategy, and get some drills under our belts early in the season to kick-start. I personally don't know jack about ultimate drills apart from basic cut & leading throw practise drills.

Our average leaguerunner ability score is 4.83. In terms of our abilities, we generally feel quite comfortable using a 3-3-1 zone D, have tried other alternative pseudo-zone strategies, and I think most would describe themselves as intermediate players.

We're all really friendly and fun (100% spirit points to-date), and could reimburse you with a free lunch/dinner/beers with the team after the practise.

Time, date, location and possible retainer are all negotiable.
Get back to me here, or at kevaan at gmail

Thanks for your consideration!

edit: just saw a previous post mentioning I would still prefer to do it this way, just to get someone interested in helping the novice Ultimate community first and foremost, and then arrange it through coach for a day afterwards
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Need a pro?

Postby carpetman » Thu Jun 07, 2007 12:22 pm

Hey Kevan:

I could probably help you guys out... I've been playing this game for about 15 years now and have played at nationals and other competitive tournaments.

Let me know when if/when you want to hook up a practice, and I'll gladly volunteer some time to do it. (Not Wednesdays - league night!)

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