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TUC Graphic Ontario Licence Plates

Who wants to know???

Do you think TUC should pursue obtaining a TUC graphic licence plate?

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Yes and I will purchase a plate
Yes but it is unlikely that I will purchase a plate
No TUC should not pursue
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TUC Graphic Ontario Licence Plates

Postby brookszz » Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:28 pm

TUC is considering pursuing an agreement with the Ministry of Transportation to produce a TUC graphic licence plate. The price to purchase a TUC graphic plate would be $78.30 and TUC would receive $2.25 from the sale of each TUC graphic plate.

A person could also purchase a TUC personalized graphic plate for $316.80 and TUC would receive $4.50 from each one sold. A personalize graphic plate would include the TUC logo and then the purchaser’s choice of between 2 and 6 characters, for example: LAYOUT; ZODIAC; LOTUS; LILY; or GOAT.

Sample TUC GOTEAM graphic plates for display purposes only would also be made available. Sample graphic plates cannot be legally attached to a vehicle and are usually requested by plate collectors. The current price of a sample graphic plate is $31.80 and $2.25 would be given to TUC.

In order for TUC to recover the development costs and administrative fees, we need to sell between 100-150 licence plates. So let us know what you think.
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