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Guidelines for looking for a new team...

PostPosted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 10:48 pm
by deanbrown
To help us poor Captains out, if you're looking to play, try posting with the following info:

Name (*):
Contact Email or phone # (%):
Gender (+):
Night(s) you want to play (@):
Level you play at (&):

* - TUC BBS nicknames can be impersonal

% - some capt's don't want other capt's to know that we've lost all our key players this season and are desperate for new bodies

+ - some people's names just work both ways!

@ - all nights have C and B level, Wed. has A. Higher divisions play all over Toronto so that we all can enjoy the traffic jams.

& - here's the tough one: honestly state your level/experience.
C level: you can run, throw/catch on a calm day, ready to learn and have fun!

B level: this one's tougher since there's a big difference between B-low, B-mid and B-hi (even between the same levels on different nights). Skills will include cutting & clearing (not just running!), holding the force, fore and backhand throws, proper position in marking the offense players, playing with and against the zone, playing in the wind! (and, ready to learn and have fun!)

A level - you already know!