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Postby @UltiCraig » Mon Jan 09, 2012 3:20 pm

Hey Folks,

Remember the NexGen boyz, the all star team of up and coming players, mostly from U.S.A. university teams, that came to town last year during the summer to play GOAT during their 2011 NexGen cross country tour of the top club teams in North America.

They also did all the live streaming coverage of the 2011 USA Ultimate Championships. They use a 3 camera system in HD to cover all the games and they are taking it to the next level by broadcasting for FREE more LIVE action this year. Enjoy, learn and be inspired by watching elite Ultimate teams in action!

They are a start up company though, so they are seeking the help of the Ultimate community to get the party started. Please read their announcement below and contribute to the cause, so our great sport can start to receive the coverage it deserves!

From NGN, (NexGenNetwork)
"The wait for televised ultimate is almost over. NexGen Ultimate has announced plans to broadcast live ultimate for FREE on NGN, a new online television network for ultimate. NGN is "asking the ultimate community to help us put these first two tournaments on the air with our promise that we’ll be able to deliver more games and events in the future."

Get all the info and become a backer at

Many thanks from the NexGen crew to all those who can help out.
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Postby @UltiCraig » Fri Mar 02, 2012 2:14 pm

Hey Ulti Fans,

As the American College Ultimate season slowly heats up, this is a big weekend in the States for College tournaments with Trouble in Vegas back again this year and the Stanford Invite raring to go.

Stanford Invite is the big one with some of the top USA college teams challenging for the title and it will all be broadcast LIVE on NexGenTV. This is a result of their successful Kickstarter program that raised over $25,000 to broadcast this tournament, and two others, live this year. Watch for free or pay to see it in HD. Watch for Pittsburg, Carlton, Wisconsin and Oregon in the Open division. ... n-preview/
In the Women's Division, follow UBC Lady Thunderbirds as they represent Canada and B.C.. Our own TUC Hall of Famer, Joanne Gallagher's, ( ), daughter, ex Dirt star, Erica Tucker ( ... #h325489a1 ), will be playing for UBC: ... ment/10357

Make sure you check out NexGen’s coverage all weekend long, featuring commentary from the NexGen crew as well as Mr. No Look Scoober himself, Bryan Jones. Below is NexGen’s coverage plan for this weekend (all times PST):

Live Streamed Ultimate w/ Commentary!

all times PST, (local time +3hrs).
10:00 AM – Carleton College (CUT, 2011 Champs, 2010 Runners up-Ranked #5 by Skyd and #6 by USAU), vs. Whitman, (#9 Skyd)
2:00 PM – Oregon (#4 Skyd) vs. Florida (2010, Champs)
4:00 PM – Pittsburgh ( #1 Skyd, #2 USAU), vs. Minnesota, (#10 Skyd, #8 USAU)

9:45 AM – Quarter-Finals (TBD)
11:30 AM – Semi-Finals (TBD)
3:00 PM – Finals (TBD)
Be sure to follow Zach Smith @Skyd_ZackSmith and Bryan Jones @No_Look_Scoober on Twitter for scores of the other rounds in progress and check out our Saturday night recap show!
USAU Score Reproter: ... ment/10270

Trouble in Vegas has over 30 College Open teams including UBC Mens Thunderbirds representing Vancouver and Canada:
USA score reproter: ... ment/10443
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Live Ultimate, NexGenTV USAU College Easterns 2012

Postby @UltiCraig » Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:48 pm

See some of USA's top college teams battle for the coveted Eastern's Championships.

Pittsburg (Ranked by USAU #3 and Skyd #1), Stanford Smut Heads, (USAU#19) Central Florida Dogs of War (USAU #13, Skyd #3) and Tufts (USAU #1, Skyd #6) each won their respective pools and punch their ticket for the quarters. Eight other 2nd and 3rd place teams will awake a little earlier to have a play in game, the winners also qualifying for the quarters.

There were some delays Saturday because of lightening, so hopefully everything is back on schedule and fine and dandy for Sunday.

[i]11:00a Quarters, Pittsburg 15-6 easily beat NC, (8:30a winner North Carolina 14 vs. Dartmouth 10).
In the other quarters, two universe games. Stanford survived against Ohio 17-16. In the Florida game, Central Fla holds against Fla. 15-11 and in the last quarter Tufts squeaked by Illinois 15-14.

1:30p Semis, Central Florida 15-9 rolls over Tufts.
In the other game Pitts handled Stanford easy as they cruise to the Finals with a convincing 15-7 win.
3:30p Finals, Pittsburg vs. Central Florida

Skyd Magazine Easterns 2012 Open Preview ... n-preview/
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