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Canada vs. Fury LIVE

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2012 WUCG GOLD medal winners will be...

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host Japan, Uno plus
American neighbours, USA's Fury
Team Canada Women, Capitals plus
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Canada vs. Fury LIVE

Postby @UltiCraig » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:48 am

Canada vs. United States
Big Game streamed LIVE this weekend from Solstice 2012 in Eugene Oregon.

NexGen LIVE video link:
Game time 7:30pm EST, 4:40pm PST, Saturday Jun. 16.
Like NexGens page and get to watch the game for free.

Team Canada Women, (Capitals plus) vs. Team USA, (San Fran's Fury).
This could be a preview of the Women's 2012 WUGC Finals. Fury is the dominant Women's club team from the States and will be the Americans' Women's team in Japan in less than a month. Host Japan also wants Gold after winning lots of Silver and Bronze over the years. Feel the excitement building!!!
Canada looked good against Seattle's Riot at the recent Flower Bowl tournament in Vancouver, so this should be a very close game! Riot, Team USA Masters and Team Canada Masters will also be in the Women's division. This will be the final test before Japan.

USAU Score Reporter: ... ment/11261

Team Canada Women's website:
on Twitter:!/TCWUltimate
Ottawa article: ... mate-dream
bit o' fun:
"Call Me Maybe", TCW, Harvard baseball style: ...

Bring home the GOLD ladies!
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Canada 11 vs. USA 15

Postby @UltiCraig » Sat Jun 16, 2012 12:06 pm

Team Canada Women vs. Fury, Streamed LIVE 7:30p EST Saturday June 16

Final Score Fury USA 15 Canada 11.

San Francisco's Fury is a USA Women's Champion 8 times, the last 6 in a row, rivalling Lady Godiva (9 times Champs), of the 90's as the best Women's team ever. They will be the United States entry at Worlds in a few weeks, so this could be a preview of the 2012 WUGC Women's Final from Japan. So far, They both have beaten Nightlock, 15-4 & 15-5, so looking good for a very competitive game!

Game was closer than the score indicates. Playing as the Capitals, it seemed they were always down 5 or 6 before they scored their first point against the Fury dynasty. Yesterday afternoon they broke back early to tie the game at 5 and just miss taking half, down 7-8, closer than they ever were as Caps. It was 13-11 when Fury broke Canada to go up by 3 and they turned them again on the next point and then were extremely patient waiting to put it in as Canada showed some very strong goal line D, but to no avail as Fury finally scored to finish the game up 4, the biggest point difference of the whole game.

Oregon's 2012 Solstice will feature other quality womens teams as well. Team Canada Masters and Team USA Masters, going by the name Thirtyish will also be there in addition to Seattle's powerhouse Riot, Portland's strong Schwa, home town favourite's Further, Seattle's other team, Underground and Vancouver's Zephyr. Nightlock, a new team out of the San Fran Bay Area may be another strong contender to watch out for this weekend in Eugene.
USAU Score Reporter: ... ment/11261

Canada Masters beat USA Masters 11-10, their only loss in pool play to Riot 8-14

"Call Me Maybe", TCW, at play: ... Martha, Sara and Hoodie

Also on tap for this weekend.
Northern Flights
in North Bay home to the 2012 Ontario Ultimate Championships July 7/8.

Comedy of Errors
in Montreal, Zen representing Toronto.
Zen didn't do so well...
AUM web page:
USAU score Reporter: ... ment/10557

No Surf
in Cleveland popular with Toronto teams will see Grand Trunk, Roy in Open and Lily in Women's attending.
Grand Trunk go 3-2 after pool play ended Sunday morning and finish 2nd in their pool to surprising Heva Hevas and make semis against Spoiler, another surprise team at the tournament.
Roy go 0-5 in pool play
Lily went 1-2 and with only four Women's teams at the tournament, play Rochester's Roc Paper Sicssors in the semis, a rematch of a Saturday game. Winner likely gets Cleveland in the Finals, unless Chicago's Spicy Tuna can pull off an upset in the other semi.!/GrandTrunkUlti!/ROYultimate12
USAU Score Reporter Open: ... ment/11182
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