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Results World Games, Canada Bronze

Postby @UltiCraig » Mon Jul 29, 2013 6:46 pm

From Cali Colombia LIVE STREAMING WORLD GAMES Ultimate
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All the results and standings here;

Tuesday July 30
5:00p EDT (6) Colombia 11 vs. (1) Canada 12, Bronze Medal Game
7:00p EDT (2) USA 13 vs. (4) Australia 6, Gold Medal Game

Five nations (Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan and the USA) qualified to send Mixed teams limited to 13 athletes to participate in the World Games through a formula based on standings in the last WFDF World Championships held in 2012 in Sakai, Japan, while Colombia received an automatic bid as the host team. For the competition, Canada is the first seed, followed by the USA, Japan, Australia, Great Britain, and Colombia.

Tuesday July 30
The last 3 pool games will be LIVE Tuesday morning, then later in the day the Bronze medal match between the 3rd and 4th place teams and the Gold medal game showcasing the 1st and 2nd place teams. Canada has an outside chance to make the Bronze medal game if they can beat Japan by at least 2 on Tuesday morning, (DONE!). Colombia can reach the Gold medal game against undefeated USA if they can beat Australia by 2, (didn't happen). Every goal will be crucial in tomorrow's first two games. The third game, USA vs. GB, is a throw away.

Tuesday July 30 Results
Cali time is GMT -5, the same as us, but we are on DST, so 16:00 there is 5:00p here.
Olympic Stadium Field 1, local time.

08:30 (1) Canada 13 - (3) Japan 10, Pre-Round
Canada scores the last four points to snatch victory and a place in the Bronze medal game away from Japan.

10:00 (4) Australia 13 vs. (6) Colombia 11, Pre-Round
11:30 (5) Great Britain 9 vs. (2) USA 13, Pre-Round

16:00 (6) Colombia 11 vs. (1) Canada 12, Bronze Medal Game
Canada wins a barn burner against the very athletic young Colombian squad in an 80 minute soft cap game to 12. On O for the last point, Lloyd hucked deep to Lindquist who had to lay out with a left handed grab for the dramatic game winning end-zone catch. #Canahnahdah

18:00 (2) USA 13 vs. (4) Australia 6 , Gold Medal Game
No worries mate, USA cruise. Only on offence for just less than one quarter of the game, The Americans score seven of their points when starting on defence.

Monday July 29
(1) Canada 10 vs (6) Colombia 13
Canada gave up three breaks to start the game, fought back to 3-4, but could never get closer than 2 until late in the game when Chan threw to Lloyd to make it 10-11. TC were down 2 breaks at half 5-7 with the hosts on O to start the 2nd. Colombian ladies #20 Cartagena and #15 Mosquera both looked good. Harris led Team Canada with 5 points.

(2) USA 12 vs. (3) JAP 9
(4) AUS 13 vs. (5) GB 9
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