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GOAT Win PFF! v. Austin Doublewide

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GOAT Win PFF! v. Austin Doublewide

Postby @UltiCraig » Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:11 pm

2013 USAU Triple Crown Tour
Pro Flight Finale, August 31 to September 1, 2013, Davis California

GOAT are USAU Pro Flight Finale Champions!
Results below

This is the last Pro Flight tournament towards the 2nd Crown of USAU's new Triple Crown Tour. The winning teams will earn $3,000.00. Toronto is sending their Pro Flight teams, GOAT in Open and Capitals in Women's. The Pro Flight division consists of the eight highest finishing teams from the 2012 USAU Club Championships.

All the TCT INFO

The 3rd Crown will be the USAU Championships beginning with Sectionals in a couple of weeks, then Regionals, before the top sixteen qualified teams in each division meet in Austin Texas, October 17-20 for the final and most coveted of the three Crowns.

Ultiworld will be LIVE Streaming

NOTE: original stream went down. New stream may be FREE :)
7 Pro Flight games for only $12.
Watch live or download them to watch later.

Saturday Aug. 31
- 9:00 AM PCT - Boston Ironside 9 v. Austin Doublewide 15
Toronto GOAT 15 v. San Francisco Revolver 12, Toronto upsets the World Champions in Round 1, Pool A
Toronto Capitals 6 v. D.C. Scandal 15
- 11:00 AM PCT - Seattle Sockeye 15 v. Austin Doublewide 13
Toronto GOAT 14 v. Atlanta Chain Lightning 15, Chain wins on a universe point huck. All Open teams 1-1 after two rounds of pool play.
Toronto Capitals 13 v. Seattle Riot 15, Caps up early 4-1, but down 7-8 at half.
- 1:00 PM PCT - Women's DC Scandal 12 v. Seattle Riot 14, Battle for first
Toronto GOAT 12 v. Raleigh Ring of Fire 15
Toronto Capitals 16 Texas Showdown 15
- 3:30 PM PCT - Women’s Crossover (1) Chicago Nemesis v (1) Seattle Riot, Game canceled due to common sense.

All eight teams in each division advance to the sudden death quarter finals tomorrow, so today's games really only count towards end of the year rankings heading to the USAU Championships in Austin. Which means in both divisions it's still anyone's tournament to win.

Saturday Ultiworld ReCap Open ... nale-mens/
"Revolver captain Schlag downplayed their GOAT lost, (sic) emphasizing instead the quality of their opponent and noting that GOAT played a very good game. Another experienced men’s player in Pool A told me, off record, that GOAT played the best ultimate of the day and looked “very, very scary.â€￾ "
Saturday Ultiworld ReCap Women's ... ht-finale/
"Capitals played the most points of any team yesterday, but made absolutely nothing easy for opponent’s on Saturday. Can their legs allow them to do the same Sunday?"

Sunday Sep. 01
- 9:30 PCT - Women's quarter, Chicago Nemesis 16 v. Texas Showdown 14, An exciting come from behind victory by Chicago to remain undefeated this season.
GOAT 15 v. Boston Ironside 9 humbling their NE rivals. "They (GOAT) can hang with anyone here but can they hang all day?" Ultiworld
Capitals 5 v. San Francisco Fury 15, San Fran refocuses and crushes Toronto.

- 11:30 PCT - Women’s semi, Chicago Nemesis 11 v. D.C. Scandal 15
GOAT 15 v. Seattle Sockeye 12 - GOAT in Finals! Beat the top three seeded teams en route to the Finals!

2:30 PCT - Men’s final, Austin Doublewide 11 v. GOAT 14

USAU Score Reporter * Upsets in all divisions in only the first round! #Parity is the word this weekend.
Open; ... ment/13396
Women's; ... ment/13397
Mixed; ... ment/13398

USAU Preview
Open; ... n-preview/
"Update: John Hassell played with GOAT at the Elite-Select Challenge (Terminus) to help mitigate the team's loss of players to international competition but is still retired and will not compete at this weekend's Pro Flight Finale."
Women's; ... n-preview/
" ...And as luck would have it, she’ll (Anne Mercier) get to start by facing her old team (Capitals) in Saturday’s first round."
Mixed; ... n-preview/

Ultiworld Previews
Open; ... s-preview/
"Perhaps most impressive about their, (GOAT), performance was that they were missing some of their best veteran talent: Anatoly Vasilyev was out, as was Cam Harris, Adrian Yearwood, and Isaiah Masek-Kelly."
Women's; ... s-preview/
"Two of the season’s biggest player acquisitions have come midseason: Scandal adds Anne Mercier and Nemesis is joined by Lindsey Hack." Mercier was a captain on Team Canada World Games and had been a major star and key handler for Capitals until taking this opportunity to play for top coach Alex Ghesquiere.

USAU Rankings as of August 28
Open; ... t-28-2013/ GOAT #7
Women's; ... t-28-2013/ Caps #9
Mixed; ... t-28-2013/ Odyssee #6

Ultiworld Rankings
Open; GOAT #8
Women's; Caps #9
Mixed; Odyssee #4
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