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USAU College Championships

Watch UBC Thunderbird's (10) Canadian Superstar Mira Donaldson lead Vancouver against the top USA teams at 2014 USAU College Championships being held right now in Cincinnati Ohio.
Victoria's UVixens (12) are also entered in the women's division. Ottawa's Lady GG's missed winning the Metro East Regionals for the first time in a while and unfortunately won't be there. They lost in the semis to Cornell, who won the final and earned the only bid out of the Metro East Region. No Canadian Mens teams qualified.

NexGen Live Streaming 8 games for $15 (games can be watched on tape until the end of the year)
(get the whole season, College Nats, USAU Nats, USA Open (featuring local heroes Union) and USAU TCT Pro/Elite Challenge (GOAT, Capitals & Traffic), $49)

Day One Live Stream Results
Date Time (EDT)
Fri. 5/23 12:30pm - Stanford (7) 13 vs Oregon (2) 15 - Women's - Pool Play Last year's Champions Oregon Fugue gets one break each half to win a close one.
Fri. 5/23 2:30pm - Texas (3) 12 vs North Carolina (6) 14 - Open - Pool Play The Darkside upsets Will Driscoll's TEXAS
Fri. 5/23 4:30pm - Washington (4) 15 vs UCSB (5) 11 - Women's - Pool Play UDub, Down 7-4 to UCSB Burning Skirts, who had a chance to take half, before Washington put it in gear taking it 8-7, rolling off nine of ten points at one point and cruising to victory.

Day One Canadian Results
UBC (10) was upset by Northeastern (15) 14-13. Tied at 10s, the teams took turns running three points in a row. First Northeastern to make it 13-10, then UBC to tie it at 13s before the universe point win for the underdogs. In their first game UBC beat Colorado (19) 15-5.
UVixens (12) also went 1-1 on Day One getting smoked by Virginia (13) 15-5 and beating Kansas (17) 13-12.

Day Two Live Stream Results.
Sat. 5/24 8:30am - Colorado (1) 14 vs Wisconsin (12) 12 - Open Pool - Play
Sat. 5/24 12:30pm - Oregon (4) 15 vs Carleton (16) 13 - Open - Pool Play
Sat. 5/24 2:30pm - Carleton (6) 12 vs UBC (10) 15 - Women's - Pool Play - Mira Donaldson with 5 goals, 4 assists, 3 D's and 5 turns, led UBC in a must win game to advance to Pre-Quarters, upsetting #6 Carlton.
Sat. 5/24 5:00pm - California-Santa Barbara (5) 14 vs. Michigan (8) 15 - Women's - Pre-quarter - Rematch of the 2011 Final, but this time Flywheel beating the Burning Skirts

Day Two Canadian Resutlts
UBC (10) met upstart Colorado College (18) in pre-quarters and won 15-9 to advance to the final eight. Their quarter-final match up will be against one of their Northwest Region rivals, Washington (4). Winner moves on to semis. No winner of pre-quarters has ever advanced to semis since the 20 team format was introduced. Thunderbirds lost their first game of Day 2, 10-15 to Central Florida (3).
UVixens (12) carved a similar path to UBC, going 1-1 on Day One, losing to a lower seed in their respective pools, then losing to the top seed the morning of Day 2, setting up must win games against the 2 seeds in their pools. They both won and finished 2-2 and tied with two other teams in their pools. UBC finished 2nd and UVic 4th on goal differential. Day Two saw Vixens lose to Ohio State (1) and then beat Michigan (8) 15-11 to give themselves a chance to qualify if Virginia (13) had lost thier final game, but they didn't. UVixens go to the Placement Bracket.

Day Three Schedule
Sun. 5/25 8:30am - Texas (3) vs. Oregon (2) - Open - Quarterfinal BIG GAME! Doublewide's Will Driscoll versus Rhino's Dylan Freechild, (among others). This should have been a semi final game, but Texas was upset by North Carolina (6) in pool play 14-12.
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