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Terra 2015

Postby fitzie » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:42 am

Terra 2015 is kicking off the season with our first tryouts this month - make sure to register ASAP! More info below:

Sign up for Terra tryouts:

Tryout #1: Sunday March 29th from 12-­2pm at Soccerworld (Toronto)
Tryout #2: TBD with Lotus/Lily (mid-­end of April)
Tryout #3: TBD with Lotus/Lily (end of April)

Player Selection: Terra will take a roster of 20-­23 players with the potential for a practice roster again this year.

Players and practice roster will be selected based on:
1) Skills (throwing, catching, defense, cutting, field awareness, etc.)
2) Roles (i.e. positions being filled)
3) Attitude (positive, spirited play, supportive to teammates, etc.)

Leadership:­ Alena Papayanis and Nat Fitzgerald will be captaining, ­ Mandy Wintink and Rachel Robichaud are committed to helping select the team. 1- ­2 more captains will be voted in after the team has been selected.

Practices: One weeknight per week (Tues or Thurs) & once monthly weekend morning training camp or scrimmages

Practice structure: focus on scrimmage (learning and perfecting plays, working towards our season goals, drills specific to skills or plays, challenging ourselves)

Terra Goals:
● Team goals: Establishing Terra as the dominant women's masters team (2015+)
● 2015 goals: Win Nationals, qualify for Worlds, become TEAM CANADA
● How do we achieve our goals? ­
    - By making the most competitive team possible (this might include up to 3 out of region players)
    - Through effective practices and player commitment, engagement, and focus
    - By executing our offenses and defenses reliably ­
    - By being strategic (using our strengths, studying our key opponents, etc.)

Tryouts: ­ March 29/April TBD
TUF: May 9/10
Training camps: May 23, June 6 (more might be added)
Jazz: June 27/28
Regionals:­ July 11
No Borders:­ July 25/26
Nationals:­ Aug 13­-15

If you have any questions, please email us at terraultimate at gmail dot com
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