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New Women's Touring Team

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New Women's Touring Team

Postby grace » Fri Mar 09, 2007 2:23 pm

Team Without A Name 2007

o New Team: A new women's team is in the process of forming in preparation for the 2007 summer season. Christian Madigan and Lauren Cappell will be the captains. The intention is to create a team for players who are eager to play at a high, competitive level, but are looking for a team that demands less in terms of time commitments. It's also about forming a team of people who enjoy hanging out together – on and off the field. We will be calling lines and playing to win, but we will ensure that everyone plays – this team will consist of skilled players who can all hold their own. However, we are also committed to taking on some younger, less experienced players who are interested in developing their skill set this summer. We anticipate carrying a roster of 18-20 players.

o Tryouts: We will form a core (5 people) for the team prior to tryouts, and that core will be in charge of team selection. We will coordinate the timing of our tryouts so that people can try out for Capitals, Lotus, Eve and any other Toronto women's team. The tryouts will consist mainly of scrimmages, and potentially the TUF tournament.

o Practices: The team will practice once per week, and will expect a firm commitment to practices by all players. In addition to practices, we will split the team into groups of 2-3 people (based on location) and each group will be responsible for meeting to throw and follow a fitness program once per week (either one 1.5 hour session or two shorter sessions), at any time that works for each group. We may also organize scrimmages with other women's teams, on occasion.

o Tournaments: We are committed to attending 3-4 tournaments, in addition to Nationals. Although the tournament schedule will be confirmed once the team has been formed, we will likely attend most or all of the following tournaments: TUF, Boston, Regionals and No Borders. The team will also consider holding a practice weekend either early in June or between No Borders and Nationals.

o Pre-Season Commitments: We expect all players to be in shape and ready to start the season by the time tryouts begin. In order to help people get ready, we will run fitness sessions every Thursday night in April, and everyone is welcome to join us.

o More- Information: Feel free to speak to Lauren Cappell or Christian Madigan at the Capitals Indoor Tournament on March 18. Otherwise, we will post updates regarding Thursday work-outs and try-outs on the BBS.
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