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Playoff brackets

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Playoff brackets

Postby GregS » Sun Dec 18, 2011 1:52 pm

For those leagues where the playoff scheduling feature is used, we now have playoff brackets showing on the standings page! See, for example, the current Hangar Competitive or Hangar Intermediate standings. Formatting isn't quite perfect, but it's pretty good IMNSHO.

Leagues that have not used the playoff scheduling feature (it didn't exist before this summer's playoffs, and not all fall outdoor leagues used it) will not have this. Hopefully, this will encourage conveners to always use the playoff scheduling feature in the future.

It's possible (but time-consuming) to go back and "retrofit" the playoff structure onto past leagues, if the desire is there. If you'd like to volunteer to help make this happen for a league that you know, please contact and I'll tell you what information I need you to arrange.
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