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Leagues and Divisions

Postby GregS » Thu Jan 05, 2012 2:23 am

I've just posted an update to Zuluru which introduces the new concept of "Divisions" as a subset of Leagues. It's been pretty well tested, but since about 150 files have been added or edited in this update, there's always a chance that something slipped through. If you find anything that looks broken or otherwise weird, please don't hesitate to let me know.

The main benefits of this update are for the administrators; there's nothing super-exciting for the average user, but it should make some things easier to find and eliminate some confusion. Some examples:
  • The Leagues list page is easier to read, with related divisions grouped together. In the summer, all divisions for a particular night, including playoffs, will be grouped together. I think the order that it sorts leagues into now is better than the old way, too.
  • The Leagues fly-out menu will always have the leagues that you are playing in listed, making it easier than ever to get to schedules and standings.
  • The full name of the league and division your team is in is included in the tooltip text when you hover your mouse over a team name in the Teams fly-out menu, which hopefully means that including "(Fall)" or "(WTu)" or other differentiators in the names of teams playing in multiple leagues can become a thing of the past. Captains, you can edit all your past teams to remove these; Teams -> My History is a list of all the teams you've ever played on.
  • The team roster pages now differentiate between "roster conflict" (meaning that the player is a full-time member on the roster of two teams in the same league, something which is now not allowed in indoor leagues, and has always been frowned upon for outdoor leagues) and "schedule conflict" (meaning that the player is a full-time member on the roster of two teams in different leagues which play on the same night and have at least one week of schedule overlap).
  • Team names are now required to be unique in a league, rather than just a division. This is most likely to affect the Hangar league, where Competitive and Intermediate teams have been known to come up with the same name in the past.

These changes are also tied into things like the roster addition process, where they will be used to enforce the new "single team" rule for indoor leagues as well as the summer playoff roster policy.

And eventually (i.e. probably for summer registrations) this will allow a closer tie between the registration system and league information, allowing things like a link from the event registration page to the league details (so you can see what teams are already registered) and vice versa (so when you find a league you want to play in, it's easier to get registered for it).
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