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Score submission and rained-out games

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Score submission and rained-out games

Postby GregS » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:41 pm

Zuluru now (finally!) has a good way of handling rained-out games, or games which aren't played for any other non-default reason (lights don't come on, not enough players on a holiday Monday, etc.). When you submit your score, there is now a drop-down above the score area which allows you to indicate the status of the game. By default, it is "played", and in most situations you don't need to change this. However, there is also a "cancelled" option there, and the old "default" checkboxes are replaced by options in here as well. If both captains indicate that the game was cancelled, it is marked as such in the database and will show as such on the schedule. Cancelled games will not be included in standings or considered as a recent game against that opponent when scheduling new games (i.e. it may not be 5 weeks after the cancelled game before you will be scheduled against them again). Of course, if one captain marks it as cancelled and the other doesn't, it goes to the convener to resolve, unless one of the captains changes their submission.

This has been tested pretty carefully, but it's always possible that something has slipped through the cracks. If you see anything strange that you think may be related to this, please contact me immediately.
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