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New Zuluru version

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New Zuluru version

Postby GregS » Tue Oct 08, 2013 6:01 pm

I don't normally post about new versions on here, as there are other places that people can get that info if they're really interested (see below), but this is a special case.

The latest version of Zuluru (to be published to the TUC site tonight) introduces a new caching mechanism for player information. This should speed up loading of some pages and eliminate some little annoyances in the previous version, like your new teams not showing up in your list right away after you pay for registration. But with such an extensive change, even with substantial testing, there's the possibility that something has slipped through the cracks, so if you see anything strange, please use the "Report a bug" link on the bottom of the page in question, preferably including a short description of what you did to find the error, what you expected to see, and what you did see, or else write directly to Any such bugs should be quickly and easily fixed, as soon as their presence is known!

If you want to stay more in touch with all the latest Zuluru happenings, you can check the revision history any time, "like" the Facebook page to see updates that I post there, and/or join the mailing list to get email announcements about each new version.
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