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iPhone alerts

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 11:00 pm
by GregS
I have now started getting alerts on my iPhone, letting me know when I have to leave home to get to my game on time! Wish that Zuluru could take all the credit, but I honestly don't know which bit of software got updated to enable this. Might be iOS 9, might be Google Maps, might be something else. Anyway, it's pretty awesome. Anyone else seeing this?

If you see this post, maybe drop me a note at to let me know a) whether you're seeing this behaviour, b) what mobile OS and version you are on, c) whether you have Google Maps installed, d) what connections you have between your phone and your Zuluru schedule (e.g. subscribed directly on your phone vs subscribed indirectly through Google Calendar or some such). Could be helpful to try to build up the profile of exactly what software configuration is required to enable this.