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Help Wanted

PostPosted: Fri May 08, 2009 11:47 am
by GregS
TUC's web site is constantly evolving to better serve our members' needs, and I'm looking to strategically enhance the web development team in two particular areas.

First, we want to improve the scheduling algorithm to better account for teams' regional preferences. The algorithm works just fine for smaller cities, but it can't handle the demands of our sprawling metropolis. We are working around those limitations with the "three ladders per night" strategy, but surely we have members with the mathematical chops to improve on this. Knowledge of PHP would be a benefit, but not required. A second task for an algorithm person would be to tackle playoff and tournament scheduling.

Second, we want to jazz up the visuals of the site. We know that it's a little on the plain side. It's just a slightly modified stock template! We have definitely got people that can help take us to the next level of graphic design, without compromising the functionality we've worked hard to put in place. An understanding of template-driven layout methods (e.g. Smarty, Joomla, Drupal or, even better, Zikula) and CSS-based presentation would be a big asset here. If you're familiar with adapting sites for mobile browsing, that would be a nice bonus.

If either of these opportunities interest you, or if there are other ways that you think you can help out, contact me at or the volunteers coordinator at