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Postby bnyblm » Thu Oct 13, 2022 1:34 pm

Re-Posting Keegan's Reddit post for those that don't check Reddit:

With the conclusion of the draft a few hours ago the teams are sit for the first week of games for TPL season 19! (except for the 10 spots that remain open for women which we hope to fill out as soon as possible). Before getting onto the draft I can't help hand out the first ever "I wasn't listening or looking at the spreadsheet" award to the person who tried to draft an already drafted player the most times, with the awards first ever winner being BSL! Congrats I guess, can't blame you for wanting those players... clearly someone else just wanted them more.

The league has expanded back up to 10 teams! hopefully this is the start of some growth that brings us back up to 12 teams with a waitlist for male and female matching players. Before the draft recap - This Seasons GMs!!!

Vikki & Carter
Yvonne & Ray
Nat & Martin
Heidi & RT
Alexa & BSL

Now without anymore rambling (or express permission from the conveners) the first 2 rounds of both drafts. Sorry if you want to see all the rounds, pretty soon the teams will all be visible on TUC and you can speculate to your hearts content.

* (GM) - GM's must draft themselves with their pick in a round decided by the conveners *

Female Matching player draft:

Alyne Azucena
Carla Rawson
Hailey McInnis
Janet Wan
Rebecca Chang
CJ Jackson
Kim Chau
Cat Chao
Alexa Skinner (GM)
Melodie Lumague
Stephanie Cole
Gwena Cunha
Devanee Dewey (GM)
Tess King
Steph Schwartz
Chiyi Tam
Nat Wong (GM)
Joanne Ukposidolo
Madeleine Shimoda
Wendy Chong

Male Matching Player Draft:

Aaron Hooper
Oren Binnun
Davip Ip
Andy Kay
Jamess McClean
Keegan Lee-Newbury (GM)
Colin Mattison
Matt Denton
Gareth Cawley
Ben Goodman
Colin Thompson
David Tang
Gabe Isaac
Shawn Lee
Matthew Kariatsumari
Sean Hutchins
Andrew Gosbee
Gavin Ho
Ben St. Louis (GM)
Matthew Colphon

Feel free to respond with your steals of the draft! Remember to keep responses positive tho! First games are next week, its going to be an awesome season! No one told me if it was okay to post the theme so I won't.
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Postby bnyblm » Mon Oct 17, 2022 1:42 pm

A group of current and former GMs have have given their predictions for who will win season awards this year. If you think they were wrong to not have picked you, use it as motivation! Here are the results:

Female MVP
Alyne Azucena - 61% | Carla Rawson - 22% | Janet Wan, Hailey McInnis, Steph Schwartz - 6%

Male MVP
James McClean - 47% | Matt Denton - 18% | Andy Kay, Oren Binnun - 12% | Aaron Hooper, Colin Mattison - 6%

Female Rookie of the Year (ROY)
Carla Rawson - 50% | Stephanie Cole, Gwena Cunha - 11% | Rebecca Chang, Xuan Chen, Chiyi Tam, Fion Zheng, Yvonne Fu - 6%

Male ROY
James McClean - 78% | Matthew Kariatsumari - 11% | Jason Lin, Tyler Glass - 6%

Female Top Scorer
Hailey McInnis - 22% | Alyne Azucena, Janet Wan - 17% | Joanne Ukposidolo - 11% | Alexa Skinner, Devanee Dewey, Rebecca Chang, Steph Schwartz, Vikki Shimoda, Stephanie Cole - 6%

Male Top Scorer
Sean Hutchins - 56% | Aaron Hooper - 17% | James McClean, Matt Denton, Oren Binnun, Andy Kay, Gareth Cawley - 6%

Female Most Assists
Alyne Azucena - 44% | Carla Rawson - 33% | Janet Wan, Vikki Shimoda, Nat Wong, Steph Schwartz - 6%

Male Most Assists
Matt Denton - 44% | Oren Binnun - 33% | Gareth Cawley, Andrew Gosbee, Aaron Hooper, James McClean - 6%

Female Most Ds
Alyne Azucena - 33% | Alexa Skinner - 17% | Janet Wan - 11% | Joanne Ukposidolo, Rebecca Chang, CJ Jackson, Devanee Dewey, Carla Rawson, Hailey McInnis, Steph Schwartz - 6%

Male Most Ds
Ben St. Louis - 28% | Keegan Lee-Newbury - 22% | Colin Mattison - 11% |Tyler Longo, Oren Binnun, David Ip, James McClean, Gareth Cawlwy, Andy Kay, Anthony Slater - 6%

Some clear early season favourites and some real tossups!

Who's been left off any of these lists??
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Postby bnyblm » Thu Oct 20, 2022 12:36 am

Week 1 in the books! Highlight of the night, YCT picking up and launching a huck to Goodman for a score... in their own endzone :lol:
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Postby bnyblm » Sun Oct 30, 2022 10:19 pm

Last season Keegan made this wacky spreadsheet to try and see some fun numbers to look at and talk about, so analytics are back for Season 19. Here is the spreadsheet: ... sp=sharing

First thing that jumps out, only 1/10 teams had 50% passes to women and the overall total was 44% passes to women. Last seasons average was 45.8%. However, 7/10 teams were above the league average. Worth noting that this only counts completed passes so drops and throwaways are not included in the total of throws intended for each gender. This is by no means a perfect metric of passing equity in the league. A lot of the other numbers are too small of a sample size to make useful comparisons vs last season, however here is last seasons numbers too for fun: ... sp=sharing

Super important to remember that looking at team stats in TPL really can only tell you what kind of team a GM had at any week as there is too much player movement to do accurtate long term team analysis.
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Postby bnyblm » Mon Nov 14, 2022 11:33 pm

One of the cool things about this league is we have a bunch of stats we can actually analyze. This post summarizes Keegan's analysis of “pickups” in the first 4 weeks of the season. "Pick-ups" are when a player is the first person to hold the disc after an opposition turnover or goal, or initiates play in the half by throwing the disc to the other team.

At the time of this analysis, there were 70 open players and 60 female-identifying players registered in the league, all of whom have played at least one game this season.

For the most part, Keegan looked at each player’s average number of pickups per game. Since TPL is a league where people play more than their scheduled games, looking at the total sum of pickups would skew the data. Also, since female-identifying players have ten fewer players registered in the league, if every player were to have the same number of pickups in a game, then open players would have the most pickups. Using average pick-ups per game as my metric allows Keegan to control for these two factors that could misrepresent the data.

Key Findings:

o Open players are more likely to initiate plays when compared to female-identifying players.
The gap is the smallest it has been since the season began. Week 4 average pick-ups per game:

· Open - 3.78
· Female-identifying – 2.23

o 11% of female players have not picked up the disc at all this season (it was 18% through the first three weeks).

o The proportion of female-identifying players with a game where they had 0 picks ups remained unchanged from Week 3 (35%).
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Postby bnyblm » Mon Nov 14, 2022 11:36 pm

QUIZ TIMEZ!! Brought to you by Patty Starfish :)

Can you guess the TPL 19 Pickup leaders? (don't worry, it's a private Sporcle quiz!) ... up-leaders
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Postby bnyblm » Thu Nov 17, 2022 8:42 pm

ANOTHER QUIZ brought to you by Patty Starfish!

Can you name the only registered OPEN player in TPL this season without a pickup? Take the quiz to find out! ... e-a-pickup
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Postby bnyblm » Sun Nov 27, 2022 2:48 pm

QUIZ! ... -in-week-6

There are 12 answers* and you only get 12 guesses, can you go 12/12?

p.s. Pickups in this quiz are average pickups per games played in Week 6 (so if you subbed for a game, your total number of pickups is divided by 2).

*12 answers because some people in the top 10 have the same average number of pickups
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Postby bnyblm » Sun Dec 04, 2022 10:23 pm


Most pickups through week 7? Can you get a perfect score on this quiz? There are hints to help out this time! Are they useful hints? Maybe! There's only one way to find out!!! ... s-week-1-7
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Postby bnyblm » Sat Dec 17, 2022 5:56 pm

Quiz time!
This time, the quiz focuses on team-based pickups by roster designation. Can you go 5 for 5? ... r-and-team

Keep in mind, this quiz is just looking at pick-ups, not passes in general.

Interesting notes (not using team names to avoid Quiz spoilers!):

- The team that saw Open-gender players pick up the disc 4.9 times more than Female players this week (Quiz question 1) had almost parity in their 131 passes (68-open, 63-female)
- The only team with more total female pick ups than open pick ups (Quiz question 3) ended with the second-lowest passing parity (134 passes, 82-open, 52-female)

Also, two teams this week were within 5 passes of gender parity, and a third team (The Louisiana Alexagators) had their women carry the team (134 passes, 57-open, 78-female)! Now if those Gators could just catch those passes in the ENDZONE next week (they lost 12-11) that would be great!
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Postby bnyblm » Tue Jan 10, 2023 11:29 pm


The Louisiana Alexagators vs. Fu-Tang Clams

Imagine ChinModa Dragons vs. RTiculated Heidythons

Any score predictions???
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