Volunteer of the Year 2018 - Chelsea Jackson

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Our Volunteer of the Year for 2018 is Chelsea Jackson!

Chelsea was extremely involved with the Club throughout the entire year. For starters, she was engaged with numerous Juniors programs as a coach from the start of the year. From there, Chelsea went above and beyond and took it a step further by joining the Board. Since then, TUC has seen her put in even more time and effort, being involved with several committees and being the chair of not one but two committees! Not only that, but she still finds the time to volunteer even more of her time to Juniors coaching, as well as clinics and other opportunities that arise. 

On behalf of TUC, we are extremely grateful for the countless (quite literally) hours she has put in, and we really appreciate her dedication to TUC. If you see her, make sure to thank her for her hard work!

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