TUC members may be added to a team as a regular player on only one (1) team maximum in any given league (including multiple divisions). Players may be listed as substitute players on multiple rosters during the regular season in the same league and participate according to the League and Playoff Participation Policy.

In other words, an individual cannot be a regular player on two or more teams in the same league. They can still sub for multiple teams within the same league during the regular season so long as they are a valid TUC member. But they cannot sub during the playoffs if they are a regular player on another team in that same league.

To be clear, this rule applies only to participation within the same league and includes any divisions within that league. So for example Joe is a valid TUC member and plays Tuesday Men’s and Tuesday Lamport League (for arguments sake let’s say the league times don’t overlap). He can be a regular player on 1 team in Men’s Leagues and 1 team in Lamport League. But he cannot be a regular player on 2+ teams in the Men’s League alone or 2+ teams in the Lamport League alone. He can sub for other teams in either league (no limit) and even be listed as a sub on those team rosters. But once playoffs roll around, he is only participating on his 1 men’s league team and 1 Lamport league team on Tuesday nights.

In the near future, Zuluru (the TUC League system) will prevent players from being added as regular players to multiple teams within the same league. For now, players may appear with a ‘Roster Conflict’ note under their name on your roster. If one of your players has a Roster Conflict it is likely that they are listed as a regular player on multiple teams. Starting in the Winter season, this will not be allowed.

Should you have any questions regarding the rule please do not hesitate to contact us.