Women's Winter League to Begin This Sunday - IMPORTANT INFO for those participating

You will then be assigned to a permanent team for Week 2 and beyond.

A schedule for this Sunday and Team Lists for Week 1 can be found below. Team Lists are also posted at the following link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AoU_h3iUhCNzdGpJZV9nN1VOM05RYjZaRFBwbDFyNXc

Please note that you may be switched to a different team playing in the same time slot as you are currently scheduled in order to balance teams if there are people who are unable to attend this Sunday's game. [Aka, the time slot you are to play in will not change, but your team might!] The google doc will reflect the most recent team list updates/changes.

If you will not be able to attend this Sunday's game, please let us know by responding to this email before Saturday. Please also send us a short description (a few lines) about the position you usually play on a team, and where you would fall on the TUC skill rating scale now (we know that many of you have not updated this in years!), and if you have any competitive experience.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinators at winter-women@tuc.org.

We will also be at the games on Sunday as well if you wish to speak to us then.

See you on Sunday.

Hadiya & Nat, Women's League Co-Conveners


Field 1: Closest to the Entrance.

Field 2: Furthest from the Entrance.

If your team is light, please bring a white(preferred) or very light jersey. If your team is dark, please bring a black (preferred) or other dark jersey

6:30 Field 1: Team 1 (Mal) v. Team 2 (Kate J)
6:30 Field 2: Team 3 (Nat) v. Team 4 (Martha P)
7:30 Field 1: Team 5 (Carla) v. Team 6 (Dee)
7:30 Field 2: Team 7 (Sara Udow) v. Team 8 (Sarah Kidd)

Team 1 - 6:30, Field 1, LIGHT
Malissa Lundgren, Vikki Shimoda
Elisa Tran
Hallie Benjamin
Jenn Collens
Jenna McLeod
Jessica Dennis
Julie Belair
Mary Erclik
Megan Graham
Michelle Po
Midori Takahashi
Sarai Racey
Susitha Wanigaratne
Team 2: 6:30, Field 1 - DARK
Meredith McNaughton, Kate Jardine
Bronwen Smith
Catherine Pak
Janice Chiu
Joouen Lee
Julie Kwan
Katie Buck
Linda Sze
Missy Nurse
Nancy Shaddick
Nomi Caplan
Rachel Humphries
Sue Holland
Team 3: 6:30, Field 2 - LIGHT
Lisa DiDiodato, Nat Fitzgerald
Andrea Kurahashi
Ashley James
Bobbi Clifton
Geena Titus
Joanna Elias
Laurel Johnson
Lily Hu
Louise Goulla
Madisyn Lu
Mel Falzon
Michelle Doell
Rebecca Jockusch
Team 4: 6:30, Field 2 - DARK
Martha Paterson, Laura Main, Steph Salerno
Alex Boross-Harmer
Emily Lu
Janelle Giehl
Jessica Hill
Kerry Lake
Megan Kilvert
Megan Lee
Natasha Sachdeva
Opal Densmore
Shayda Alizadeh
Yan Wang
Team 5: 7:30, Field 1-LIGHT
Carla DiFilippo, Kelly Nakamura
Bromley Switzer
Devra Waldman
Erin McMahon
Jennifer Hau
Kelly-Anne Fagan
Kim Macnaughton Davis
Kristy Seminsky
Laura Millis
Miriam Tingle
Monica Hau
Sarah Bates
Wendy Chong
Team 6: 7:30, Field 1 - DARK
Bonnie Lee, Hadiya Roderique, Michelle Chandler
Andrea Donaldson
Claire Midgley
Eileen Nichol
Hazel Tenefrancia
Jackie Johnston
Kate Kazlovich
Martha Baldwin
Nancy So
Remy Jung
Sam Cheung
Velda Wong
Team 7: 7:30, Field 2 - LIGHT
Sara Udow, Mandy Wintink,
Heather Adams
Anita Benoit
Anita Verma
Brenda Perras
Cristina Emanuele
Emma Seaborn
Helen Nichol
Jane Logan
Lana Finney
Mei-Linn Chuong
Megan Smith
Viki Nguyen
Team 8: 7:30, Field 2 - DARK
Amanda Moore, Julia Cottle, Sarah Kidd
Alejandra Zapata
Alice Chung
Carole Boudreau
Corrie Lynn Mcdougall
Emily Sheppard
Emma Currie
Heather Fraser
Heidi Siu
Jennifer Law
Joy Viguilla
Robin Love