Discipline Policy

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Policy Category:          Discipline 
Date First Passed:       May 4, 2011
By Which Body:           TUC Board of Directors
Review Period:             2 years
Review Body:               TUC Governance Committee
Date of Last Review:  September 10, 2020
File Location:               TUC File Storage / Board and Committees / TUC Governance 

In order to deal fairly and transparently with incidents of poor spirit, overly aggressive play and other problems, this discipline policy has been developed for TUC league teams and players. The overriding objectives are to maintain a fun & safe atmosphere at all games and to maintain good relationships with our field providers and the public. Participation in a TUC league or tournament signifies acceptance of this policy. This policy complements the “Code of Conduct” and applies whenever you are representing TUC, which means the whole time you are at the playing field -- before, during & after your game.

There are several guiding principles. First, when discipline is warranted, the actions undertaken must be objective, noticeable & timely. This means that incidents will be investigated & resolved before the next league game and if sanctions are applied, they will be published to everyone concerned. Second, teams are collectively responsible for the actions of their members and, if warranted, sanctions will generally be applied to the whole team. This means that each team captain should choose his/her teammates with care and ensure that all are aware of the “Code of Conduct”. Repeat offenders will be dealt with more harshly than first time offenders given their full awareness and understanding of the implications. Third, very serious incidents, as specified below, will result in immediate expulsion.

  1. Definition of terms:
    1. Serious Incident - Any incident resulting in harm to a player, harm to TUC and/or jeopardizes access to field space.
    2. COVID-19 - The global pandemic which started in 2020. All COVID-19 infractions are immediately deemed ‘Serious Infractions’ and may carry their own special penalties.
    3. Minor Infraction - All incidents not deemed serious infractions by the Manager of Member Services and/or Executive Director.
    4. Suspension - Removal of a player from the league, barring from TUC events, games and activities for the period noted.
      1. Suspension: a player or team that is suspended will not be eligible to participate in any TUC leagues, events, or programs for a period of time as defined by the Executive Director and/or Board of Directors. Should the time period extend to the end of the membership year the suspended player or team must seek approval to renew their membership as per By-Law Section 3.2.2
    5. Expulsion - The permanent termination of Membership.
    6. Respondent - The person accused of the action.
    7. Complainant - The person who filed the report.
    8. TUC - Toronto Ultimate Club.
    9. Board - TUC Board of Directors.
  2. Captain's Responsibilities:
    1. Team captains must:
      1. know the rules of Ultimate and have access to the most recent online edition.
      2. understand the TUC policies  ensuring that their teammates are aware of them, including Safe return to Play' and COVID-19 requirements.
      3. meet with the opposing captain(s) before each game to clarify rules (captain's clause) and discuss any other potential issues.
      4. take immediate action to defuse the situation upon becoming aware that tensions are rising.
      5. in their absence, appoint a designate to administer the above responsibilities.
    2. It is the responsibility of team captains to report incidents of poor spirit and dangerous play to their league convenor (tournament director) as soon as possible using the on-line "Incident Report Form" found on the TUC website.  the incident Report Form can also be found on the score submission screen of via the link below.  Unreported problems will not be investigated or resolved.
      1. Google Form - Incident Report
  3. Poor Spirit & Dangerous Play:
    1. Infractions and poor spirited play will not be tolerated by TUC. Offensive actions or speech, unsportsmanlike conduct, overly aggressive, rough play, and/or intimidation will not be tolerated either before, during or after a game. Examples of the above include, but are not limited to:
      1. Taunting, name calling, swearing.
      2. Threatening or intimidating language or actions.
      3. Charging into a stationary, or mostly-stationary player(s).
      4. Repeated fouling.
    2. Serious Infractions: Incidents of intentional bodily harm, dangerous plays or other actions and speech may be considered a serious infraction by TUC. Multiple instances of the same or similar infractions may be considered Serious Infractions. These actions may carry additional penalties for all involved parties.
      1. Anyone who throws a punch or is involved in a fight, whether as instigator or in retaliation, will be suspended from the Club (league) immediately without refund and considered for expulsion. Additional sanctions may be applied to the instigator's team.
      2. Dangerous Play may also include the playing of a game with an exposed and bleeding wound. Failure to leave the field and properly bandage the wound before returning is considered a dangerous play. Repeated actions which endanger players / player safety will be considered a serious infraction.
      3. Other examples of serious incidents of dangerous play include, but are not limited to:
        1. Large Cuts or injuries to the head.
        2. Heavy blow(s) sustained to the head.
        3. Shortness of breath.
        4. The expressed concern of teammates and/or opponents - As simple as a player who repeatedly refuses to ‘tone it down’ or refuses to sideline themselves after injury.
  4. Public Conduct:
    1. Any team or player(s) involved in an incident, which jeopardizes or results in the loss of TUC field permits or partnerships, will be suspended from the Club (league) without refund and considered for expulsion. Such incidents may involve complaints by the public in regards to improperly parked cars, excessive noise, drinking alcohol, loose dogs, rudeness, and urinating in public.
    2. The consumption of alcohol and/or recreational drugs is NOT allowed at the fields, whether before, during or after a game. Any team involved in such an incident will be suspended from the Club or league. Repeated incidents will be considered for expulsion.
    3. Be considerate of the playing field. For your team's safety, pick up all trash before the game, especially shredded cans, broken bottles & sticks. Before leaving, make sure that both teams have cleaned up their sidelines and "stooped & scooped" (if appropriate).
    4. Teams which play on an unauthorized field will be suspended for one game on the first offence and expelled from the league on the second offence. Regardless of whether or not TUC has obtained a field permit, you are playing on an unauthorized field if:
      1. the ground is so soft/soggy that playing will ruin the field; or
      2. the league convenor has officially cancelled the game in accordance with the rain policy; or
      3. the property owner has prohibited TUC from using the field or green space.
  5. League Issues:
    1. Default: Teams that default twice in a season without reasonable notice will be suspended from the league without refund. To avoid a default, it is merely necessary to notify the opposing captain in advance that you cannot field a full team for the game and ask to reschedule it at a later time.
  6. Investigation:
    1. Upon receiving an incident report, TUC will investigate in a timely manner as dictated by the scenario and number of people involved. TUC will respond within 8 days of receiving a report to keep all persons adequately informed. Decisions will be issued in a similar timely fashion.
      1. Any person can inquire about their discipline issue or case progression by contacting the Manager of Member Services.
  7. Results / Penalties:
    1. Any player or team who is found to have violated this policy will be subjected to the following progressive discipline penalties. Note, for serious infractions lower steps may be skipped or combined with a more serious penalty. The Toronto Ultimate Club reserves the right to suspend a player or team from the Club (league) without prior warning and without a refund.
      1. Formal written warning to the respondent. Copies provided to the complainant.
      2. Formal written warning issued to the respondent and the team. Copies provided to the complainant.
      3. Player suspension for a term determined by the Manager of Member Services. Any conflicts of interests or the absence of the Manager of Member Services will result in the Executive Director determining the penalties.
      4. Suspensions greater than 1 year: the Manager of Member Services and/or Executive Director will convene a special meeting with the Board of Directors
        1. Any person facing this penalty will be invited to present themselves to the Board for consideration.
      5. Expulsion - Players and/or teams can be expelled from TUC by a special meeting of the general membership, as called by the Board of Directors per Bylaw 3.5.5.
        1. Players and teams facing this penalty will have the opportunity to present themselves at this meeting.
  8. COVID-19 Special Requirements:
    1. All TUC players, Teams and Representatives are expected to follow all player safety requirements as outlined in TUC return to play guidelines and protocols. Any person who cannot or does not comply is not permitted to play or attend or spectate any TUC game, event or activity.
    2. All players, spectators, coaches must complete all COVID related wellness checks using Javelin (or Google Forms).
    3. Players and teams who do not comply with any CoVID related safety protocols are deemed to put the health and safety of their fellow participants at serious risk
      1. First Infraction can result in the suspension of the player.
      2. Second Infraction can result in the team forfeiting the game.
      3. Subsequent infractions may result in the removal of player(s) or team(s) from the league or the club. No refunds will be issued.
    4. TUC reserves the right to inform other teams of any COVID related violations.
  9. Appeals - Suspension or Expulsion only:
    1. For suspensions longer than 15 days, or 3 games, the respondent can request the Board of Directors to review their case, and submit in writing any reasons for mitigating factors. This submission must be made to bod@tuc.org within 8 days of the suspension being issued. The board of directors will call a special meeting.
      1. The Board of Directors will appoint a 3 person panel.
      2. Written submissions to be made by Executive Director, Manager of Member Services, respondent and complainant must be received within 5 days.
      3. Board will meet either virtually or in-person, inviting all parties to present their reasoning.
      4. Appointed Panel to issue response within 3 days.
      5. The decision of the 3 person panel is final.