Adult Fall Indoor League

2021 Fall Indoor Leagues

UPDATE:  We are pleased to announce that our 2021 Fall Indoor Season will begin the week of October 18th!  The 2021 Fall Indoor Season will be 5-on-5 no-pull, speedpoint format following TUC Indoor rules.  

All offerings will be subject to Government restrictions and guidelines, and TUC's COVID-19 Safe Return to Play Rule Modifications will be in effect. TUC's Safe Return to Play - COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines will also be enforced, including the vaccination policy, mask mandate for participants born in and after 2010, and a health screening.  

Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday Thursday | Sunday

The Leagues listed below are ADULT Fall Indoor Leagues and are intended for Adult (18+) participants only. For Juniors information visit the Fall Teen Programs or Fall Pre-teen Programs page(s), or learn how juniors can participate in adult leagues through our Juniors Participation Policy. Read below the chart for further details on each offering and league information.

Day Dates Game Times Location Ratio (O/F/C) Level Of Play Team Cost Individual Cost

Monday West

TBA 7 - 11pm Lamport 2/2/1 Comp / Int / Rec TBA TBA


Oct 19 - Jan 18 8 - 11pm Monarch 2/2/1 Int / Rec $3,100 $250
Wednesday Parity Oct 20 - Jan 19 8 - 10pm Monarch 3/2 HAT League n/a $250

Thursday Elite 

Oct 21 - Jan 20 8 - 10pm Monarch 2/2/1 Elite / Comp $3,100 n/a

Thursday HAT

Oct 21 - Jan 20 8pm -12am Downsview Dome 2/2/1 HAT League n/a $200

Sunday Masters

Oct 24 - Jan 23 1 - 3pm Monarch 2/2/1 HAT League n/a $235
Sunday Open 4on4 Oct 24 - Jan 23 3 - 4pm Monarch 4/0/0 Comp / Int $1,500 ​$150

Games will be scheduled to evenly share time slots amongst teams as best as possible.

General League Info

Fall Indoor leagues use the no-pull, speedpoint format. There are no pulls between points; once the offense scores a point, the disc is placed in the endzone where it's caught and the defense immediately takes possession. Rules regarding game play, substitutions, and more can be found on the TUC indoor rules page. Team captains must assist in enforcing the rules. Please abide by the Spirit of the Game when dealing with this (and any other game) issue.

** Sunday 4-on-4 League plays with Quebec-style rules. Please see the Sunday Open 4-on-4 League for full details.

For additional Registration Info, League Contacts or Playoff Notes, please see Fall Leagues main page.

*** WAITLIST *** Monday Co-ed League @ Lamport

The start date of the Monday Lamport league is to be confirmed, pending repairs to the Dome. 

The Monday Co-ed League is a 5-on-5 offering (minimum 2 of each gender) and will be open to Competitive, Intermediate, and Recreational teams. Registration is mostly by team, but we will take up to 12 players for one HAT team. 

Please note that HAT teams run the risk of being cancelled if they do not have at least 6 open player and 3 female players registered seven (7) days before the league start date.  HAT team registrants will be sent an email ten (10) days before the league starts to let them know the current registration status of the HAT team.

UPDATE: As we are still waiting on a confirmed start date from Lamport, NO payments will be accepted until we have a confirmed start date.

Divisions: Competitive / Intermediate / Recreational
Dates: TBC (tentatively November 15th and finishes January 24th - 10 weeks of games, no games on December 27th)
Game Times: 7:00 - 7:55pm, 8:00 - 8:55pm; 9:00 - 9:55pm; 10:00 - 10:55pm
Location: Lamport Stadium (all games)
Cost: Teams $2,200 ($1,946.90 + HST); Individuals $185 ($163.72 + HST)
Maximum Number of Teams: 24 teams (including 1 HAT team)

*** WAITLIST *** Team Registration:

Individual Registration:

Registration Status:As at 13 October 2021, we  have 23 teams registered.  For individual registrations, we have 7 open players registered and 5 more on the waitlist.  We have space for 3 female-identifying players.

*** WAITLIST *** Tuesday Co-ed League @ Monarch Park

The Tuesday Co-ed League is a 5-on-5 offering (minimum 2 of each gender) and will be open to Intermediate and Recreational teams. Registration is mostly by team, but we will take up to 14 players for one HAT team.

Divisions: Intermediate / Recreational
Dates: Starts October 19th and finishes January 18th (13 weeks of games, no games on December 28th)
Game Times: 8:00 - 8:55pm; 9:00 - 9:55pm; 10:00 - 10:55pm
Location: Monarch Park Stadium
Cost: Teams $3,100 ($2,743.36 + HST); Individual $250 ($221.24+ HST)
Maximum Number of Teams: 8 teams (including 1 HAT team)

*** WAITLIST *** Team Registration:

Individual Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 13 teams registered, and 2 more teams on the waitlist.  For individual registrations, we have 7 open players registered and 3 female-identifying players registered.  We have 2 open roster and 2 female-identifying  roster spots still available.

Wednesday Parity Co-ed HAT League @ Monarch Park

BACK AGAIN THIS SEASON! An open player will be guaranteed a spot in the Parity League if they register with a female-identifying player partner. The female player partner MUST complete their own registration and payment between 10:00 am September 27th, and 10:00 am September 29th. (The open player may forfeit their spot in the league if the female-identifying player partner pulls out of the league ahead of the start date (legitimate reasoning for withdrawal may be subject to review).

For FALL 2021, the TUC Parity League will be a 5-on-5 format (3:2 gender ratio) with COVID-19 rule modifications (1-metre mark, silent stall count to 5) and protocols in place. The Parity League follows all other indoor 6-on-6 rules, except it incorporates individual statistical tracking, balanced team competition, and social mayhem! Imagine Fantasy Football; only you are actually playing. For each game, player stats (e.g. goals, assists, D's, turnovers) are tracked, and these stats (along with game scores) are submitted weekly. Player values rise and drop based on their statistics. GMs can trade players throughout the season and are essentially forced to do so to stay under the league-imposed 'salary caps.' The end result is more balanced games and even more social variety than a typical HAT league... plus individual Stat leader awards! Registration is by individual only; this season, there will be no co-player requests. If you would like to play with someone all season, you must be a GM and draft/trade for them! During registration, there will be a spot to indicate if you are interested in being a GM for this season. GMs, the player draft, league theme, salary cap changes, and anything else we come up with will be announced closer to the league start date in October.

Open registration for this league will follow a weighted lottery system (female-identifying registration will follow typical first-come, first-served rules). Open roster designation players will have 48 hours to register to play in the Fall Indoor 2021 TUC Parity League (Monday, September 27th @ 10:00 am until Wednesday, September 29th @ 10:00 am). There will be 16 spaces held, 3 spaces reserved for the convenors, 1 for the stat keeper-organizer, 8 for GMs (4 Open and 4 Female), and 4 Open Roster spots for new players who have never played TPL before! That leaves the remaining 80 spots (46 Open and 34 Female) up for grabs.  The entry lottery will be conducted on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 and the list of players who have won a spot in the league will be announced the following day (Thursday, September 30th). Those who are not selected will be put on the Waitlist. Since other Fall Indoor leagues don't open registration until Friday, October 1st @ 10:00 am, those who did not 'win' a spot in the TPL will have a bit of time to choose other TUC leagues to play in the Fall. Good luck, everyone!

Weighted Lottery Details: This Fall TPL season, open players interested in playing TPL will partake in a weighted lottery system. Everyone enters the lottery with their name automatically entered into the draw once. However, through the following activities or qualifications, they can have their name entered up to a maximum of 10 times! Here's how to get your name entered more and improve your chances:

  • Were you a TUC convenor in the past two years (Summer 2019 through to Summer 2021)? If so, for every season convened, you receive one additional entry (max of 2 additional entries).
  • Have you been named a super volunteer in one of the past two TPL seasons (Fall 2019 and Winter 2019)? If so, you receive two additional entries.
  • Have you been involved as a TUC Juniors Coach in the past two years (Fall 2019 through to Summer 2021)? If so, for every coaching experience, you receive two additional entries (max of 4 additional entries).
  • Have you had bad luck with the TPL lottery system in one or both of the past two seasons (Winter 2020, Fall 2019)? If so, you receive two additional entries for each lottery you did not get into TPL (max of 4 additional entries).
  • Were you previously a Big Brother for TPL? If so, you will receive five additional entries.
  • If you've never played TPL before, then be sure to select that in the questionnaire when you register to enter your name in the "new player" lottery!

If you have more questions regarding the weighting for the TPL lottery, feel free to email Otherwise, stay tuned for registration opening on Monday, September 27th @ 10:00 am! When you register, there will be a questionnaire to evaluate how many times your name will be entered into the lottery.

Divisions: Intermediate
Dates: Starts October 20th and finishes January 19th (13 weeks of games, no games on December 29th)
Game Times: 8:00 - 8:55pm; 9:00 - 9:55pm
Location: Monarch Park Stadium
Cost: Individual $250 ($221.24 + HST)
Maximum Number of Individuals: 96 individuals; 56 open roster spots and 40 female-identifying roster spots (8 total teams)

*** WAITLIST *** Open Roster Individual Registration:

Woman Roster Designation Individual Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 56 open players registered , with 2 on the waitlisting.  We have 1 female-identifying  roster spots still available

Thursday Elite Co-ed League @ Monarch Park

The Thursday Elite Co-ed League is a 5-on-5 offering (2:2:1 gender ratio) and will be open to Elite and Competitive teams at Monarch Park Stadium.  Registration is only by team for this league.

Division: Elite / Competitive
Dates: Starts October 21st and finishes January 20th (13 weeks of games; no games on December 30th)
Game Times: 8:00 - 8:55pm; 9:00 - 9:55pm; 10:00 - 10:55pm
Location: Monarch Park Stadium
Cost: Teams $3,100 ($2,743.36 + HST)
Maximum Number of Teams: 10 teams

Team Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 9 teams registered.  We have 1 team spot still available.

Thursday Co-ed HAT League @ Downsview

Thursday night at Downsview Park Dome will be 5-on-5 (minimum 2 of each gender, speedpoint). Registration is by individual only, although players may designate someone they wish to play with. Captains are selected by the League Convenor and then a draft is held where each captain selects the players to their team, in order. Captain's draft and tiering details will be announced around the registration deadline. There may be a re-draft of teams/players to ensure competitive balance within the league.

This Fall Indoor will be the season of the Ox, for which all teams will be named. Be creative! The league winner takes home the John Harris Hogtown Winter Indoor Disc Livestock Trophy!

Divisions:  Competitive / Intermediate / Recreational
Dates: Starts October 21st and finishes January 20th (13 weeks of games; no games on December 30th)
Game Times: Games will be 55 minutes in length (total including halftime/warm-ups) from 8:00 - 8:55pm; 9:00 - 9:55pm; 10:00 - 10:55pm, 11:00 - 11:55pm
Location: Downsview Dome (all games)
Cost: Individuals $200 ($176.99 + HST)
Maximum Number of Individuals: 104 individuals; 68 open and 36 females (8 total teams)

Individual Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 63 open player and 10 female-identifying players registered.  We have 5 open roster and 26 female-identifying  roster spots still availablee.

Sunday Masters Co-ed HAT League @ Monarch Park

The Sunday Masters League is a 5-on-5 league offering at Monarch Park Stadium. Gender ratio for this league will be 3:2 or 2:3 and to be eligible, male players must be 33+ years of age and females must be 30+ years of age, or turning that age in 2021. Registration is by individual only, and teams will be assigned. You can request one person to play with, and we will do our best to accommodate those requests. 

Divisions: Competitive / Intermediate / Recreational Masters
Dates: Starts October 24th and finishes January 23rd (12 weeks of game play; no games on December 26th and January 2nd)
Game Times: 1:00 - 1:55pm; 2:00 - 2:55pm; 
Location: Monarch Park Stadium (all games)
Cost: Individuals $235 ($207.96 + HST)
Maximum Number of Individuals: 56 individuals; 32 open and 24 females (4 total teams)

Individual Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 32 open players registered , with 10 on the waitlisting.  We have 5 female-identifying  roster spots still available.

Sunday Open 4-on-4 League @ Monarch Park

This Sunday Open League is a 4-on-4 offering using Quebec-style rules  will be open to Intermediate and Competitive teams at Monarch Park Stadium. This is a fast-paced game on smaller fields (3 games on a single field) that is unique compared to the usual 6-on-6 leagues (4-on-4 league rules). A ratings ladder will be used to try and balance out the level of play as best we can. We suggest rosters of around 8 to 10 players. Registration is mostly by team, but we will take up to 10 players for one HAT team. 

Division: Competitive / Intermediate 4-on-4
Dates: Starts October 24th and finishes January 23rd (12 weeks of games; no games on December 26th, and January 2nd)
Game Times: 3-4pm
Location: Monarch Park Stadium
Cost: Teams $1,500 ($1,327.43 + HST); Individuals $150 ($132.74 + HST)
Maximum Number of Teams: 60 individuals (6 total teams)

Team Registration:

Individual Registration:

Registration Status: As at 13 October 2021, we have 2 teams registered , and 4 individuals.  We have 3 team spots and 6 individual player spots still available


Spirit, Safety & Fields

Spirit of the Game is an integral part of Ultimate. In order to encourage teams to play with Spirit, we are requiring all teams to submit a Spirit score as well as a game score after each game. It is the responsibility of both team captains to submit a spirit score for the other team after every game.

In the interest of safety, the TUC strongly discourages games from taking place on grass fields during poor weather or on soggy fields. If the weather becomes severe during your game (i.e. thunderstorms), be sure to follow TUC's Bad Weather PolicyMetal cleats are not allowed under any circumstances. Plastic/rubber cleats are allowed at Monarch Park Stadium, Lamport Stadium, UCC, and Central Tech Stadium, but NOT at the Downsview Hangar. Running shoes or turf shoes at the Hangar only, absolutely no cleats there! Foot blocks are not allowed except with the explicit prior agreement of both team captains. Any foot block, attempted or successful, should be treated as a foul.

Since field space is difficult to find, the TUC is always concerned about the possibility of losing currently permitted fields. Permits can be revoked if teams engage in prohibited activities or as the result of complaints from neighbourhood groups. Therefore, we remind everyone of the following policies:

  • The consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs is NOT allowed at the fields, whether before, during or after a game. If you wish to engage in such activities, please do so in the privacy of your own home.
  • Smoking Ban Bylaw: It is illegal to smoke tobacco within 9 meters of sports fields. 
  • Use Spirit when dealing with other users of the parks. This means being polite to the people who inadvertently stray onto the field during your game. Also, bring the permit with you to your game to head off conflict with other users of the field.
  • Use common sense and be considerate of the neighbours. This means that you do not pee in the bushes, against the side of a house or in the middle of the field. Also, do not block driveways with your car.
  • If problems arise with fields, such as poor condition or conflict with other groups (e.g. soccer), please bring them to the attention of the league convenor and the fields coordinator. Do not take it upon yourself to solve the problem.