ANNOUNCEMENT: 2021 AGM Change in Date and Letter to the Membership

Dear TUC Members,

Due to COVID-19, we have experienced a delay in the preparation of our annual audited financial statements.

As a result, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the membership of the Toronto Ultimate Club will be held on Monday, November 8th, 2021.

A reminder that you must be a current TUC member to attend. Please also note that Intro members do not have voting rights at this meeting; however, you are more than welcome to attend.

We ask that you register ahead of time here; this will help us:

  • Ensure that those in attendance are current members,
  • Send you the Google Meets calendar invite, and
  • Complete the delegate roll call ahead of calling the meeting to order.

The AGM will include reports from the Board of Directors and the Executive Director; a review of the Financial Statements and Finance Report; as well as the election of new Board members; and renewal of terms.

TUC Annual General Meeting Information

Provided in the attached Appendix is the AGM Pack, which includes the following documents:

Here are the details regarding date, time, and location:

  • Date: Monday, November 8th, 2021
  • Time: 7:30pm - 9:15pm
  • Virtual Platform: Google Meets
  • Voting/Balloting Platform:  Mentimeter (a web-based and smartphone application)

Call for Nominations: Directors for Toronto Ultimate Club 2021/2022

With the TUC Annual General Meeting around the corner, the current Board of Directors invites interested parties to put their names forward as candidates. 

Typically, a handful of new people join our Board to serve as the stewards of our organization. If you are interested in learning about what a TUC Board Member does, please read the information below.

New members of the Board are elected at our AGM by the membership, and once elected, their responsibilities include:

  • Active participation in monthly meetings
  • Serve on significant planning and standing committees
  • Champion the growth of our sport and club
  • Represent the voices of all TUC members

Note that a member cannot become a Board Director without a majority vote of the members present at the AGM. If there are more nominees than positions, the lowest number of votes will not make it onto the Board.


Our monthly meetings allow our Board to refine club policies, assess the club's current state (financially and strategically), and plan for the upcoming year and or season. The Board is given details of the day-to-day operations by the staff, standing committee reports, if any. When scheduling meetings, consideration is given to minimize conflicts with league games. That said, directors are encouraged to attend meetings regularly and be prepared (read reports, documents that are supplied ahead of our meetings) to have a collaborative discussion. These meetings are formal events where Robert's Rule of Order is followed.

Standing Committees

Board of Directors are encouraged to participate in at least one of the following Standing Board of Directors are encouraged to participate in at least one of the following Standing Committees: 

  • Executive,
  • Finance, 
  • Human Resources, and 
  • Operations. 

These committees are responsible for reviewing significant changes to our organization and providing well-researched responses to the challenges and opportunities our club faces. 

Typically, these committees will discuss through email, collaborative e-platforms, or informal meetings to ensure policy documents and new initiatives are well constructed for discussion at our Board meetings.

Champions of Ultimate

Our Board members serve as Ambassadors of the Toronto Ultimate Club, both for our members and the Ultimate community-at-large. We serve as a sounding board and promoter of our club's growth and development specifically to our members, locally within Toronto, and more broadly within Ontario and Canada.

A Voice to All of TUC

Lastly, TUC's Board of Directors is our club's ear for the membership. We are the ones you, the membership, can provide feedback and voice concerns to, ensuring the continued and long-term growth of the club and the sport. We may not instantly have the answers and solutions you are looking for, but we certainly utilize your concerns and feedback to establish a vision that meets the membership's needs. As a new board member, you will need to be open and willing to work collaboratively to move the club forward.

Still Interested?

TUC's foundation is based on the strength of its volunteer base. We value our volunteers who commit countless hours to ensure our club serves our membership and continues to grow.  

For those who wish to get involved, to help plan events and coordinate leagues, we welcome your help and willingness to give back to the sport. That said, being on the Board requires a different skill-set and level of commitment. If you enjoy looking at the bigger picture of if you wish to provide TUC with your expertise from other boards or organizations, we are looking for individuals who have experience in finance, accounting, human resources and or legal/governance background, preferably with not-for-profits, and we encourage you to step forward.

If you are interested in joining the TUC Board of Directors, please submit nominations and resumes to Jo Malisani at

If you plan on running for election to the TUC Board of Directors, you need to attend the AGM and be prepared to give a brief one to two-minute bio of yourself and why you would like to join the Board of Directors.

Kind Regards,

Jo Malisani
Executive Director
Toronto Ultimate Club 


2021 AGM Letter to the Membership
2021 AGM Package