Discraft Sponsoring TUC Parity League

Amongst other awesome changes/improvements you may have noticed this season with Parity League, we have changed the name of the BBS post to the DISCRAFT Parity League. This is for good reason. Recently at the Ultimate Canada Conference we pitched Pad Timmons, head guru at Discraft, to sponsor TPL. Thanks to your amazing BBS posts, Facebook notes, graphs, analytics, pictures, videos, etc. we were able to show Pad just how amazing TPL is and how cult-ish it has become in Toronto. Pad and Discraft were extremely excited about the opportunity to partner with this league.

At the conclusion of this Fall season, as well as the upcoming Winter session, Discraft is sponsoring TPL with 50 themed discs per session. These discs will be used for individual/team prizing as well as to recognize the GM's and stat keepers who put endless amounts of time and energy into TPL. The discs will be themed each season, with a supercolor centre print.... how cool will it be to have a Game of Thrones disc as part of your collection?!?!? If you are interested in obtaining one of these bad boys, start padding your stats now!

You'll be seeing the Discraft logo pop up in a few places with respect to TPL and now you know why. As always, tell your friends about discraft.com. Thanks to Pad and Discraft for supporting TPL!!!

And thanks to Matt, Warren, Norm and all the amazing stat keepers for making TPL such a cool league.