2008 Scally's Cup

Congrats to the Monday Team who captured the 'Competitive' title and the Tuesday Team who captured the 'Intermediate' title. Megan McNally was competitive Spirit MVP, Aaron Hooper was intermediate Spirit MVP.


Monday Competitive
Name Team Gender
Chee Chan 4D Male
Merrick Anderson Breakfast of Champions Male
Ian Lee Breakfast of Champions Male
Andrew Hui Flick Fu Male
Mathew Harder Oxygen Hazard Male
Adrian Yearwood Yoink Male
Bonnie Lee Breakfast of Champions Female
Meg McNally El Kabong Female
Natalie Wong Release the Hounds Female
Susan Holland Ventura Wu Female
Tuesday Competitive
Name Team Gender
Grant Sernick Lounge Lizards Male
James Maynard JIVE Male
Peter Stewart Disc Of Fury Male
Cam Daye-Trottier Disc Of Fury Male
Mark Peros Spinning Mules Male
Jamie Dempster JIVE Male
Alison Porter MOTH Female
Bonnie Crews MOTH Female
Akos Nsiah-Yeobah Natural Born Flickers Female
Erin Dempster JIVE Female
Wednesday Competitive
Name Team Gender
Brent Jackson Aerosol Headcheese Male
Ian Brooks Comic Male
Norman Farb Disciples Of Love Male
Derek Sigurdson IMOD Male
Peter Dixon PHAT Elvis Male
Mark Agius Redi Male
Rob Wendolowski Rumblefish Male
Paul Dakin Rump Roast Male
Leanne Herbst Rumblefish Female
Shiovean Woods Disciples Of Love Female
Stacie Smith Big Hammers Female
Kaitlyn Lovatt Redi Female
Hilda AhChong Rump Roast Female
Polly Yung Disciples Of Love Female
Thursday Competitive
Name Team Gender
John McArton gOLDFISH Male
Kevin Vigar Sticky Fingers Male
Ryan Adams Sticky Fingers Male
JA Baines Swingers Male
Jason Robinson Thundercats Male
Richard Krueger RAID Male
Wes Rupel Allegro Male
Jim Hui Hammered Toes Male
Karrie Van Belle gOLDFISH Female
Jennifer Evans Ultimate Pretzel Benders Female
Holly Dobney Swingers Female
Jessica Park Sticky Fingers Female
Krystyne Rusek Allegro Female
Monday Intermediate
Name Team Gender
Russel Douglas The Doom Song Male
Tom Walsh CSI Male
Mike Cole Huckstables Male
Peter Hawkings Huckstables Male
Greg Sheldrake CSI Male
Mike Pezzack Drastic Plastic Male
Christopher Winters Krabs Male
Edelyne Tan Drastic Plastic Female
Rachel Gary Krabs Female
Aline Bakhamian Grill Female
Tuesday Intermediate
Name Team Gender
Manny Maravelias Chuck Norris Male
Bill Wong Dark Force Male
Brooks Johnson Turf Berzerkers Male
Jason Chan DiscOriented Male
Aaron Hooper Red Handed Male
Dean Brown Westhat United Male
Janeen Auld The IMFC Male
Susintha Wanigaratne Buzz Killington Female
Linda Lattner Floppy discs Female
Winnie Chan Tofurious Female
Kathryn Stelmack Turf Berzerkers Female
Melissa Cabillan Westhat United Female
Wednesday Intermediate
Name Team Gender
Eddy Lee Beerwolf Male
Hin Tang Throw Les Vaches Male
Andrew Hunter Ninjastars Male
Greg Schmidt Throw Les Vaches Male
Kaoru Kumabe Throw Les Vaches Male
William Porper Throw les Vaches Male
Ed Kung N/A Male
Marnie Sit Chunderheads Female
Ann Chow Throw Les Vaches Female
Stephanie Salerno PMD Female
Alison Davies Throw Les Vaches Female
Kim Yae Effed Up Female
Megan Lee Le Frisbee Team Female
Thursday Intermediate
Name Team Gender
Jason Tomassini Dark Force Male
Jeff Woods Dark Force Male
Craig Stephen Hazardisc Male
Dave Hunter Hustle Male
James MacMillan Lions and Tigers and Bears Male
Andrew Portwine Obnoxious Yellow Male
Mike Daly Once Hucked Twice Laid Male
Michael Minuck Thundercats Male
Zac Selskey Thundercats Male
Christie Nash Extra Bacon Female
Jen Franklin Hustle Female
Erica Cheah Obnoxious Yellow Female
Cindy Jaques Once Hucked Twice Laid Female
Olivia Chung Spaceballs Female
Jaime Robinson Thundercats Female