2010 Scally's Cup

Rogers TV

Congratulations to the Wednesday team who defeated the Tuesday team in the Competitive All Star finals. The game MVPs were Megan McNally (Tues) and Geoff Simonett (Wed), while Spirit MVPs were Akos Nsiah-Yeboah (Tues) and Donna Moritsugu (Wed).

Congratulations to the Monday team who defeated the Thursday team in the Intermediate All Star game.The Game MVPs were Greg Kramer (Mon) and Rachael Robson (Thurs) and the Spirit MVPs were Sarah Floyd (Mon) and Leon Cox (Thurs).

Some photos of the event are available on the TUC Facebook page, courtesy of Andrew Gater.

As for the rest of the 30th Anniversary/Scally's Cup event, here are the results:

2010 Scally's Cup Plaque


  • Tues Comp (13) - Mon Comp (11)
  • Wed Comp (15) - Thurs Comp (6)
  • Mon Int (15) - Tues Int (5)
  • Thurs Int (15) - Wed Int (13)


  • Mon Int (15) - Thurs Int (11)
  • Wed Comp (21) defeated Tuesday Comp (13) on Rogers TV!

Marquee Games

  • Founders (13) vs Futures (11)
  • Big Hammers (16) defeated Monster (11) on Rogers TV!

The Scally’s Cup is an All-Star Challenge (sponsored by Scallywags, of course) that showcases the top players from TUC summer leagues. The 2010 event took place on Sunday, September 12th at Sunnybrook Park, and also included two feature games as part of the TUC 30th Anniversary Outdoor event. Throughout the summer, captains nominate players of the opposing teams that they play. From this, we create a divisional All-Star team from each League Night for two divisions – competitive and intermediate (recreational team players are eligible for intermediate division). We'll have athletic therapy on site, and for the competitors there will be lots of great prizing courtesy of Scallywag’s and our other sponsors and the division winners will get to hoist the Scally’s Cup!


Monday Competitive
Frank Dionisi Male
Darren Gray Male
Mike List Male
Steve Cryer Male
Hilary Leung Male
Rahil Suleman Male
Ryan Keyfitz Male
Peter Dixon Male
Stephenie Hui Female
Tracy Docheff Female
Stephanie Nihon Female
Cindy Jacques Female
Jacqueline Lee Female
Jane Logan Female
Tuesday Competitive
Marc Pawelski Male
Matt Denton Male
Brooks Johnson Male
Austin Hamilton Male
Mark Beasy Male
Deigo Garzon Male
Mike Good Male
Akos Nsiah-Yeboah Female
Alanna Courtright Female
Melony Jamieson Female
Bonnie Hodgins Female
Megan McNally Female
Sasha Gollish Female
Wednesday Competitive
Warren Tang Male
Louis-Phillipe Blouin Male
Cary Weingust Male
Andrew Milne Male
Geoff Simonett Male
Derek Sigurdson Male
Steve Ficko Male
Heather Killian Female
Alyson Walker Female
Kristy Seminsky Female
Donna Moritsugu Female
Natalie Renner Female
Natalie Fitzgerald Female
Thursday Competitive
Craig Stephen Male
Todd Fowler Male
Greg Schmidt Male
Andrew Guzzwell Male
Lawrence Wong Male
Galen Manuel Male
Simon Partridge Male
Nicole Chung Female
Megan Lee Female
Marijke Daalderop Female
Kelly Barrington Female
Dana Lowe Female
Monday Intermediate
Ed Kung Male
Cyrus Boadway Male
Jon Hollinger Male
Christopher Price Male
Mathieu Rochon Male
Matt Kishi Male
Greg Kramer Male
Norman Lew Male
Calvin Ho Male
Melanie Caron Female
Stephanie Ngan Female
Stephanie Salerno Female
Mary Erclik Female
Julie Gordon Female
Sarah Floyd Female
Tuesday Intermediate
Bill Wong Male
Kenny Ye Male
Otto Chung Male
Alexander Vickers Male
Gabe Isaac Male
Paul Blizzard Male
Bobbi Clifton Female
Cindy Woo Female
Amanda Osmond Female
Michelle Doell Female
Wendy Sing Gen Female
Wednesday Intermediate
Matt Kirk Male
James McCully Male
Dane Penney Male
Rick Breger Male
Derek Oei Male
Anthony Slater Male
Crystal Sotelo Female
Sandra Lee Female
Lise LaRoche Female
Helen Nichol Female
Jessica Rutledge Female
Thursday Intermediate
Jamie Mott Male
Ryan Brown Male
Leon Cox Male
Chris Bracht Male
Rick McDonald Male
Gilles Delorme Male
Alice Chung Female
Lynne Delorme Female
Rachael Robson Female
Laurie Zacour Female
Chelsea Jackson Female

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