2003 Toronto Ultimate Tournament

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Dates - Saturday & Sunday, May 10-11, 2003 (Juniors May 10 only)

Location - Milliken Mills Park and nearby fields, Markham, Ontario, Canada

Divisions - Open A (12-16 teams), Open B (12-16 teams), Womens (12-16 teams), Mixed A (12-16 teams), Mixed B (12-16 teams), and Juniors Mixed (4-8 teams)

Registration is closed as of April 30, 2003. Contact tut@tuc.org or 416-426-7175 if you have any questions.


GAIA Ultimate - Official Gear Sponsor of the Toronto Ultimate Tournament: This year GAIA has come out to sponsor the TUT tournament with Ultimate gear and clothing. The best part of this deal, is that the more we buy, the more we get for the tournament, so if you need to make a gear purchase click on the GAIA banner, or plug in our affiliate number:50045 at check-out on the GAIA site. GAIA Ultimate



Fields: As in the past, the TUT tournament will be using a number of locations in the town of Markham (which is directly north of Toronto). Unfortunately we don't have a single location that can accommodate 60+ teams. This year the fields are even more dispersed than usual since there are a couple soccer tournaments as well as our Ultimate tournament. We'll do our best to keep things as clear as possible, but if at some point during the weekend your team gets lost, you should contact John's cell phone at: 416-525-5677.

Click HERE to get a listing of all the fields with directions.


Parties: The Friday get together will be at the Bedford Ballroom, 232 Bloor Street West, 416-966-4450, which is about 2 blocks east of the Quality Hotel Midtown, 280 Bloor West, 416-968-0010.

The Saturday party will be at 300 Campbell Ave, Suite 216, from 9:00pm onward; which is easy walking distance from the Lansdowne subway station on the Bloor line: from the Lansdowne station, walk four blocks north on Lansdowne to Dupont, then 1 block west on Dupont to Campbell. VC Ultimate will be hosting this party!



  • Quality Hotel Midtown (closest to parties), 280 Bloor St West, 416-968-0010, cost $99, quote "Toronto Ultimate Tournament" and reservation number 101559.
  • Holiday Inn Yorkdale (midway between fields & parties - on 401 for tournament, on subway line for parties), 3450 Dufferin Street, 1-800-524-8436, cost $129.95, mention "Toronto Ultimate Tournament".
  • Comfort Inn Northeast (closest to fields), 8330 Woodbine Ave, 1-800-477-6088 or 905-477-6077, cost $85, mention "Toronto Ultimate Tournament".


SARS: A number of you have asked about SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which had an outbreak in Toronto. I am no medical professional, but here’s what I can say:

  • On April 30, WHO lifted travel restrictions to Toronto.
    On April 23, WHO recommended against non-essential travel to Toronto.
    See www.who.int/en/
  • The CDC (Center for Disease Control) in the US is recommending caution when traveling to Toronto - see www.cdc.gov/travel/other/sars_can.htm. They mention that SARS has been contained to a small number of hospitals and communities in the Toronto area.
  • Health Canada, www.hc-sc.gc.ca/english/protection/warnings/sars/update39.html, has expressed opposition to the WHO recommendations stating that all SARS cases in Toronto can be traced to a single case, and that the outbreak has been contained. Also, Canadian health officials are monitoring airports for any new cases that might arrive from other affected areas.
  • I phoned Health Ontario (1-866-797-0000) today and learned that there were only four hospitals in Toronto that had SARS cases. The hospital nearest to the TUT fields, Markham-Stouffville, did not treat any SARS patients.
  • I also heard on the news that it has been 20 days since the last reported new case in Toronto. 20 days represents two incubation periods for the disease, so the expectation is that the outbreak has ended.
  • This is the Health Canada advisory saying it's OK to travel to Toronto: www.hc-sc.gc.ca/pphb-dgspsp/tmp-pmv/2003/sarsdomestic_e.html.

Given this information, it is my intention to continue with the TUT tournament. I will keep an eye on the situation in Toronto and will let you know if there is anything negative to report. I will respect the opinion of any team that feels uncomfortable visiting Toronto and will unconditionally issue a refund of full fees if a team drops out due to SARS fears. (But please let me know sooner rather than later so I can revise any schedules.)

TUT 2003 Team List - FINAL Seeds - May 8, 2003              
Division Paid Paid Date Seed Pool Team City Contact Email  
Open A Y 4/29/2003 1 A taoG Toronto jonathan hollins or p pary_bell@cbc.ca A B  
Open A Y 4/8/2003 2 B Zebra Muscles Central New Y Darren Kupinsky darrenkupinsky@hotmail.com TO NY  
Open A Y 3/26/2003 3 B RUN Pittsburgh Brody brotman@pitt.edu Clev Pitt  
Open A Y 4/11/2003 4 A Burning Metal Cleveland, OH Frank Kearney fkearney@noteworthyms.com TO TO  
Open A Y 5/6/2003 5 A Joystik Toronto Darryl Chow dc.chow@utoronto.ca Lon TO  
Open A Y 4/15/2003 6 B Too Bad Toronto Harry Burkman hburkman@aol.com  
Open A Y 4/29/2003 7 B PONG** Toronto Peter Jamieson jamieson@eecg.toronto.edu  
Open A Y 5/6/2003 8 A Lucifer London Patrick Pace patrickpace@hotmail.com  
Open B Y 4/10/2003 9 C Local 175 Detroit Marc Landau marclandau@ameritech.net  
Open B Y 4/21/2003 10 C Dead Baby Seals Toronto Daniel Coutts daniel_coutts@hotmail.com  
Open B Y 3/10/2003 11 C Nemo Ann Arbor, MI Eric Witham ewitham@engin.umich.edu  
Open B Y 3/5/2003 12 C Pong* Toronto Peter Jamieson jamieson@eecg.toronto.edu  
Open B Y 2/27/2003 13 C Aged To Perfection Toronto John Harris harrisj@interlog.com  
Womens Y 3/26/2003 1 D Pounce Pittsburgh Marie Norman mnorman@andrew.cmu.edu D E  
Womens Y 4/29/2003 2 E URGE Toronto Cynthia Tycholis cynthia.tycholis@downtownpartner Pitt TO  
Womens Y 4/14/2003 3 E Ruby Cruz Toronto Karen Hood karen@ophea.org TO TO  
Womens Y 4/25/2003 4 D URGE 2 Toronto Monica Kerr-Coster missmonis@rogers.com TO Ott  
Womens Y 4/23/2003 5 D BOXX Toronto Pam Aziz pama@ca.ibm.com Ott Sud  
Womens Y 5/1/2003 6 E LUSH OTTAWA Diana Nunes sdnunes@rogers.com   Wat  
Womens Y 3/10/2003 7 E Glove Box Tongue & Gro Sudbury Lindsay Pattison ed.pattison@sympatico.ca  
Womens Y 4/25/2003 8 D Subject to Change Ottawa Amy Richardson al_rich@hotmail.com  
Womens Y 5/7/2003 9 E Serendipity Waterloo Onita Basu odbasu@engmail.uwaterloo.ca  
Mixed A Y 5/7/2003 1 F Black Sheep Toronto Mike List list@genesisanalytics.com F G  
Mixed A Y 3/25/2003 2 G IAX Montreal Ian Rae irae@element8.ca TO Mont  
Mixed A Y 3/31/2003 3 G Bodhi Toronto Jeremy Roedde jeremy_roedde@yahoo.com TO TO  
Mixed A Y 4/28/2003 4 F TBA2 (Mo'/Skunk) Toronto Christian Hajok christian.hajok@utoronto.ca Ott Ott  
Mixed A Y 4/28/2003 5 F Sweet As' Ottawa cindy Parker cinparker@yahoo.ca Mont Pete  
Mixed A Y 4/28/2003 6 G Fabulous Flying Flamingo Ottawa Gavin Thompson ffflamingoes@hotmail.com Ott Mont  
Mixed A Y 5/8/2003 7 G RumGloriousRum peterboro Mat Sipherd msipheard@cogeco.ca Mont TO  
Mixed A Y 3/19/2003 8 F Coming Soon Montreal Catherine Viau catherine_viau@hotmail.com  
Mixed A Y 3/8/2003 9 F Juce Ottawa Rick Mallon mallon@rogers.com  
Mixed A Y 4/28/2003 10 G Loki Montreal Ali Lavell alilavell@hotmail.com  
Mixed A Y 3/26/2003 11 G Fuelled Guelph Gerry Marsico gerrymarsico@hotmail.com  
Mixed A Y 4/21/2003 12 F Toys Montreal Lindsay Bales bilbofeet@sympatico.ca  
      H J K L
Mixed B Y 4/11/2003 13 H Assume the Position Toronto Angela Butler butlers@look.ca TO Roch Bram Sud
Mixed B N 0000-00-00 14 J SARS Rochester Bill Capossere bcap@rochester.rr.com Osh New Bow Ott
Mixed B Y 3/12/2003 15 K BUC Wild Brampton Mark Radley buc@rogers.com Ott Wat TO TO
Mixed B Y 4/28/2003 16 L Idle But Deadly Sudbury Lindsay Pattison ed.pattison@sympatico.ca TO TO TO TO
Mixed B Y 5/6/2003 17 L NugeX - Dropped Out Ottawa Ian Dalton ian.dalton@pwgsc.gc.ca TO TO TO TO
Mixed B Y 4/24/2003 18 K Young Guns Bowmanville Chris Welsh cwdoubledi9@hotmail.com   TO TO TO
Mixed B Y 3/13/2003 19 J The Ulimate Rascals Newmarket Jennifer Haley jenhaley75@hotmail.com  
Mixed B Y 4/13/2003 20 H Durham Ultimate Club Oshawa Dan Macmaster ultimate@interlinks.net  
Mixed B Y 3/10/2003 21 H REK Ottawa Garry Watanabe garry.watanabe@sympatico.ca  
Mixed B Y 4/26/2003 22 J Gold Thumbers Waterloo Connie Lee littlebabybanana@hotmail.com  
Mixed B Y 4/10/2003 23 K Counting On Our Looks Toronto Will Mercer wmercer@allianz.ca, will_mercer@hotmail.com  
Mixed B Y 4/29/2003 24 L Jim Rockford Toronto Lawrence Chamber lchamber@equicomgroup.com  
Mixed B Y 4/2/2003 25 L Huck Me Beautiful Toronto Leigh Kivenko Leigh_K@yahoo.com  
Mixed B Y 3/30/2003 26 K Sonar Toronto Dean Brown dbrown@netsell.com  
Mixed B Y 4/10/2003 27 J Huck Finn Toronto Soo Chan Carusone sybchan@yahoo.com  
Mixed B Y 3/21/2003 28 H Buddha Fingha Toronto Lisa Belanger la.belanger@sympatico.ca  
Mixed B Y 3/23/2003 29 H Raging Redheads Toronto Damian Horton damian_t_horton@hotmail.com  
Mixed B Y 3/23/2003 30 J Shock and Awe Toronto Paul Lindala yard.lindala@utoronto.ca  
Mixed B Y 4/7/2003 31 K Norge Toronto Bryce Edwards bryce.edwards@utoronto.ca  
Mixed B Y 4/9/2003 32 L Yoink Toronto Derek Fernandes dfernandes@longview.com  
Mixed B Y 4/13/2003 33 L Urge to Merge Toronto michael pedersen mike@pharaoh165.com  
Mixed B Y 4/21/2003 34 K Slip-A-Disc Toronto Jocelyn Brown jocelynbrown@sympatico.ca  
Mixed B Y 4/28/2003 35 J Pitching for Dawson Toronto Jon Colquhoun jonathan.colquhoun@td.com  
Mixed B     36 H open spot  
Juniors Y 5/6/2003 1 M dirt toronto teresa boyle teresaboy@hotmail.com  
Juniors Y 4/17/2003 2 M Jarvis Ultimate Toronto Gary Wang mrgarywang@hotmail.com  
Juniors M 0000-00-00 3 M Markham District High Sc Markham Graham Fife gfife56@hotmail.com  
Juniors Y 5/5/2003 4 M The Unhuckables (Marc Toronto Andrea Latter alatter@hotmail.com  
Juniors Y 4/30/2003 5 M Panthers Cambridge Andrew Higgins higy13@hotmail.com  
Juniors M 0000-00-00 6 M Humberside Toronto Thomas Meyer tmeyer@ca.inter.net

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