Great Canadian Ultimate Game - Results

On July 17, ultimate players from coast-to-coast competed in the largest ultimate game ever held in Canada: The Great Canadian Ultimate Game. 23 communities, representing 10 provinces, participated to benefit two great charities.

The Great Canadian Ultimate Game is an opportunity for ultimate players to share the spirit of ultimate and highlight the accessibility and inclusive nature of the sport with members of the public and two great charities. Players competing in the Great Canadian Ultimate Game will be working to raise funds for these charities, with players on the red team representing Right to Play! and players on the white team representing the Boys & Girls Club.

So How Does the Game Work?

The game will start in Yellowknife at midnight on the 17th. Every hour it will move to a new community, where the score will be carried forward and the game will continue. From Yellowknife it will travel to the west coast of Canada, then to Newfoundland before moving back west. All told, 24 communities representing all 10 provinces and 1 territory will be participating in this great game! The team with the highest score at the end of the day will receive 60% of the donations for their charity, while the other team will receive 40% of the donations for their charity.

How Do I Play in Toronto?

TUC will host its game(s) from 4:00pm EST to 5:00pm EST, at Sunnybrook Park on July 17. The game(s) will run in conjunction with the TUC Mid Season Tournament, where we will host a feature field(s) and either run in conjunction with the tournament, or take a brief break so people can participate and watch. It all depends on the interest level and how many people want to participate. If lots of people are interested then we can run multiple games and add the cumulative score for our Toronto total. It's all in the interest of benefitting the charities, so the more participants the better!

If you want to participate we ask that you first register online to express your interest - REGISTER NOW! A few days prior to game day you will receive an email from us that outlines the event. On game day participants will check-in a half hour prior to game start (3:30pm) and there they will submit payment for the charity and be assigned to team/field. Bring a white and a red shirt just in case, and of course the usual game gear.

We are hoping to have each team coached by an elite touring player, so you get to play and be coached by a superstar! We also hope to have a media presence on site, so smile for the cameras!


Donations can be made by cash (preferably) or by cheque (addressed to Ultimate Canada who will submit on your behalf). We ask for a minimum donation of $10. For donations of $20 or more you can receive a charitable receipt from the respective organizations. If you wish to receive a charitable receipt please ensure that you provide your full name, mailing address, and contact phone number when you submit the donation.

Ultimate Canada will be awarding prizes to the top cities who produce the largest donations, so let's go Toronto! All donations go straight to the charities, so let's dig deep into those wallets!

Buy a Commemorative GCUG Disc

Check out the Great Canadian Ultimate Game Disc, which will be on sale at the Mid Season Tournament (price to be announced on site). All proceeds fom the disc sales will go directly to the charities.

Who is involved?

The following communities are participating in the event:

St. John's
St. John
Toronto - go TUC!!!
Parry Sound
Thunder Bay
Prince George

If you are interested in being a part of the Great Canadian Ultimate Game, please register online and we'll see you there!