Hall of Fame Policy

Note: A PDF version of this document is available. In the case of any disagreement between this version and the PDF, the PDF will be considered authoritative.

The Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC) Hall of Fame serves to honour the heroes of Toronto Ultimate past and present; who through their participation in, or contribution to, the game impacted the sport, the Club, and those who played Toronto Ultimate. The first TUC Hall of Fame induction took place on October 22, 2010, as we celebrated the 30 Year Anniversary of the Toronto Ultimate Club.

Induction Years & Categories

TUC will induct new Hall of Fame members approximately every 2-3 years, although there are no fixed years of induction. In this way, Hall of Fame inductions can be timed with anniversary ceremonies as well as ensure that due diligence is given to each induction.

There are three categories of inductees: Player, Builder, and Special Merit. Each category is more specifically defined in our Categories Outline document, but the following is a brief description:

  • Player: individuals with exceptional achievement at the League/National/International level, highly regarded as one of the best players in their era, displaying integrity and Spirit along the way.
  • Builder: individuals making exceptional and long lasting contributions to the Club and the sport, in areas including, but not limited to, administration, development, coaching, and media.
  • Special Merit: accommodating all potential nominees that do not apply to Player or Builder, whether individuals or teams that defined the sport or contributed to make TUC Ultimate special, in the context of their day and/or beyond.


Nominations can be made by any TUC member past or present (including members of the Hall of Fame Committee) and will provide a completed Hall of Fame nomination form to the selection committee with details surrounding the candidate and their contribution. We ask the nominator to provide as much detail as possible when completing the form. The Hall of Fame Committee will not accept incomplete or informal nominations – ALL NOMINATIONS MUST BE SUBMITTED VIA THE HALL OF FAME NOMINATION FORM.

The selection committee may actively solicit nominations from those with knowledge not held by the current general membership. The selection committee will actively seek out peers, whose careers with TUC span out over various generations or who were involved in important milestones for TUC. In this way, the selection committee will endeavour to build and develop a comprehensive list of viable candidates.

Timeline: the nomination period will take place from March to July during the year of induction. The deadline for nominations will be July 1. In the months of July and August the Hall of Fame Committee may follow-up with nominators and compile further information that will aid the selection process. In early August the nominations will be distributed to the Voters. In late August to early September the voting process will take place.

Selection Process

1. It is incumbent upon the Hall of Fame Committee (“HOFC”) to apply due diligence to the gathering of information regarding nominees. Inductees to the TUC Hall of Fame will be selected based on their impact on TUC, relative to the time of contribution, with consideration given to the chronology of the Club and honouring the past. The HOFC will aim to identify levels of impact across all generations during its information collection process. Hall of Fame Voters are instructed to induct the most deserving candidates. Where compared levels of impact are perceived to be equal, the committee may, at its discretion, choose to select an inductee from an older generation. Again, the committee will endeavour to recognize the greatest levels of impact across all generations.

2. The HOFC is comprised of all TUC Hall of Fame inductees who choose to participate on the committee, and a working group no more than 50% of the committee. If less than 3 Hall of Fame inductees choose to participate on the committee, the working group may exceed the 50% total as required to have a minimum 4 committee members. The working group will consist of at least one member of the TUC Board of Directors (“Board”), who will provide regular updates to the Board on Hall of Fame matters. The Hall of Fame Committee reserves the right to accept or decline new working group members, in order to preserve the integrity of the voting process. Should the committee require a vote to accept or decline a new member, acceptance to the committee is required by a 2/3 vote of the continuing members of the committee.

2b. Hall of Fame Voters (“Voters”) is comprised of all TUC Hall of Fame inductees who choose to vote and members of the HOFC working group. Voters need not participate on the HOFC in order to vote. It is understood that the memories and experience of all HOF inductees is invaluable to the voting process.

3. There is no set maximum or minimum size of induction classes for the TUC Hall of Fame in any individual year, although the committee will have an approximate range, which may vary per induction year. There is also no set number of required inductees per category, nor is there a requirement to induct a minimum number of individuals per category. To maintain the integrity of the TUC Hall of Fame, the most deserving candidates will be inducted in any given year, as deemed by the committee.

4. All Hall of Fame candidates require a formal nomination, as outlined above under Nominations.

5. Selected candidates will require approval of a 2/3 majority of the Hall of Fame Voters. Proxies to Hall of Fame Voters will be permitted. Each Voter will receive one vote.

6. Members of the Hall of Fame must maintain good standing with the public and TUC. Members of the TUC Hall of Fame not found to be in good standing may be expelled by way of a 2/3 majority vote by the Hall of Fame Committee, followed by a 2/3 majority vote of the TUC Board of Directors. Members not in good standing are not permitted to vote.


Hall of Fame inductees will be recognized in the same year of selection. In the year of a Hall of Fame induction, the Hall of Fame Committee will announce an event where the induction ceremony will take place. This event is likely to take place in the Fall of the induction year based on the selection process. The event and format for each induction ceremony may vary, but each induction ceremony will serve to properly recognize Hall of Fame inductees.

Once the inductees have been selected, their names will be announced to the general TUC membership, in advance of the ceremony. This will allow for family, friends, teammates, etc. to plan on attending the event. Limited information on the inductees will be provided prior to the event. At the event and beyond, the Hall of Fame inductees will be honoured in a number of ways via the TUC web site and newsletters, event print materials, bios, and on-site honours at the event.

Hall of Fame Legacy: once an individual is inducted into the TUC Hall of Fame, they will be listed on the TUC Hall of Fame plaque in the TUC office, on our Hall of Fame webpage with member pictures and bios, and automatically invited to join the TUC Hall of Fame Committee (including voting rights). They will also be linked to the TUC Alumni group.