Volunteers Policy

Recognizing that the Toronto Ultimate Club (TUC) is a volunteer-based organization, it is necessary to have a framework in place to attract, retain, reward and recognize those individuals who contribute to the club and the sport of ultimate. This Volunteers Policy sets out that framework and replaces the existing ‘Policy on Touring Teams’. The Volunteers Policy will be administered by the Volunteers Coordinator.

This policy is based on the following general principles.

  1. A higher level of effort deserves a greater reward.
  2. Eligibility is activity-based and therefore not restricted to TUC members.
  3. Only unpaid activities (i.e. voluntary) are eligible.
  4. On a $/hr basis, the compensation rate is not commensurate with earned wages.

Volunteer Incentive Program

The VIP is based on work effort and is open to anyone who contributes to building TUC or the sport of ultimate. The goal is to recognize all volunteer efforts that contribute to the development of Toronto ultimate, regardless of whether they are delivered by touring players, parents, community coaches or others. Eligible activities and reward levels are outlined in the ‘Volunteers Procedures’. The following guidelines apply.

  1. Rewards are based on actual hours of effort, though a flat rate may be applied to the duties of directors and volunteer chairs.
  2. All rewards are in-kind, not cash.
  3. Points can be pooled, but must be earned before they are redeemed.
  4. Non-TUC activities, which help build the sport of ultimate in the GTA, will be considered for point reward.


The goals of this program are to attract new volunteers, retain existing volunteers, and track total volunteer effort on a more consistent basis. Because the emphasis is on volunteers, the compensation rate is deliberately set quite low and is not intended to be a wage. Points will be awarded to individuals for every hour of approved volunteer effort (TUC programs), where points can be redeemed for swag at the rate 1 point = $1.00. Swag includes any retail offerings at the TUC Shop and practice time on fields for touring teams permitted by the club. Points may not be redeemed for cash or reductions in TUC fees. For approved volunteer effort on non-TUC programs, points will be awarded according to the 'Point Rankings' chart (see below).

To simplify administration, this will be a “pay as you go” type of program. There will be no contracts to sign. Points can only be redeemed after they are earned; though pooling is allowed within the given year (e.g. volunteers pool their points for TUC shop purposes). Up to 50 points earned may be carried over to the following year and must be used within that year. Volunteer hours and activities must be reported to the Volunteers Chair (VC) by event organizers immediately following the conclusion of their event, or on a monthly basis by individuals (subject to corroboration). Credit will not be given for unreported or unverifiable activities. Whenever possible, corroboration should be provided for individual activities (e.g. team captain should confirm coaching activities via email to the VC). Approval for volunteer efforts not included in the 'Point Rankings' (see below) must be obtained from the VC before points can be allotted to the volunteer.

Transparency and volunteer recognition are important parts of this program. Accordingly, volunteer point rankings are posted below. Each month, points will be used to help determine a ‘volunteer of the month’, who will be recognized on the web site and in Layout. At year-end, awards will be presented to top volunteers, including the ‘volunteer of the year’. The monthly reporting deadline is the 7th day of the following month – credit and recognition will not be given for hours reported after the deadline.

Points will be earned per hour of volunteer activity. However, the time commitment for some volunteer positions is difficult to determine precisely (e.g. Board of Directors), because a significant amount of effort is required outside of formal meetings. Therefore, directors will receive monthly credit for meetings attended, plus up to 5 additional hours for non-meeting work within their portfolio (additional hours must be documented to receive credit). Eligible activities are those for which a person is not paid or otherwise compensated and are listed here. Certain unlisted activities may be eligible, at the VC’s discretion. It is estimated that 2,500 hours of volunteer effort will be reported each year.

Point Rankings

Description of Volunteer Service Points per Hour
(per person)
Coaching services in TUC clinics & TUC summer clinic leagues 4
Coaching services to TUC League teams (as assigned by TUC) and/or League Observer Program 4
TUC Juniors League Coaching (TJSL) and TUC Juniors events (CTS, camps, etc.), as well as TUC assigned school sessions 4
Volunteering for Monarch Park Stadium dome set-up or take-down 4
League Convenor for TUC Adult Leagues (up to 12 points per month) 3
Volunteering on TUC administrative and/or activities committees (events, social, development, administrative, field cleanup) 3
Volunteering at TUC tournaments or appointed non-TUC events 3
Volunteer Position on TUC Board of Directors or other committees (up to 25 points per month redeemable) 3
Raising awareness of Ultimate through editorials in TUC touring section, Pie Plate submissions, or other TUC communications 2
Non-TUC activities, which build the sport of Ultimate in the GTA, approved by TUC Volunteers Chair/ED 2

Last updated: January 1, 2013