Membership Database and Survey

Note that in case of a conflict between this document and the Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy should be considered authoritative.

Membership Database

As part of the profile creation procedure, you will be asked to provide personal contact information so that we can send you information about club events and activities.

It is the policy of the Toronto Ultimate Club to keep all personal information strictly confidential. The TUC membership database will not be made available in any form, in whole or in part, to any outside person or organization. In particular, contact information will not be made available to sponsors for marketing purposes.

TUC may negotiate a valuable sponsorship opportunity where the primary benefits are available only on an individual basis. If so, information about the opportunity will be sent directly by TUC to those members who have indicated that they wish to receive such information.

Membership Survey

TUC is actively seeking out sponsors to help defray our costs, especially field costs, and to provide prizes and other supplies for our leagues and tournaments. In order to successfully market the club, we need to know a certain amount of demographic information about our members. For this reason, we may ask you to fill out a short survey during registration. The more accurate and complete our information, the more success we will have in attracting sponsors and hence the greater the benefit to you, our members. Please take a few moments to answer the survey questions.

This membership survey is anonymous and is conducted at registration purely for administrative convenience. The information is compiled and stored separately from the membership database and it is therefore impossible to associate a given questionnaire with any specific individual. For additional privacy, the survey information will only be made available to potential sponsors in aggregated form.