REMINDERS: 2023 Fall Indoor Registrations and TUC's New In Your School Programming

REMINDER:  Registration for TUC 2023 Fall Indoor Adult Leagues and Junior  League Programming

Just a friendly reminder that registration for our 2023 Fall Indoor Adult Leagues and our Junior programs at Monarch are now Open.  Registration for our Adult and Junior Programs at Lamport, Lakeshore Collegiate and Upper Canada College opens today, Monday, October 2nd!


Below is the Fall Indoor offerings list for our ADULT leagues and all the registration details, including when (time and date) registration opens!  Please note for leagues whose start date is in November, registration for those leagues will open on Monday, October 2nd!

League (Day) League Dates Game Times Game Location Gender Ratio Registration Date and Time

Wednesday Parity (TPL)

Oct 18 - Jan 17 8 - 11 pm Monarch 3:3 Tuesday, September 19th @ 10 am
Tuesday Oct 17 - Jan 16 8 - 11 pm Monarch 2:2:2 Tuesday, September 26th @ 10 am
Wednesday Rec Oct 18 - Jan 17 8 - 11 pm Monarch 3:3 Tuesday, September 26th @ 11 am
Thursday Elite Oct 19 - Jan 18 8 - 11 pm Monarch 3:3 Tuesday, September 26th @ 12 noon
Sunday Masters Oct 29 - Jan 21 1 - 5 pm Monarch 3:3 Tuesday, September 26th @ 1 pm
Monday West Nov 13 - Jan 29 7 pm - 12 midnight Lamport 2:2:2 Monday, October 2nd @ 10 am
Thursday HAT Nov 2 - Feb 1 9:30 - 11:30 pm Lakeshore Collegiate Dome 2:2:2 Monday, October 2nd @ 11 am
* NEW * Friday Grand Masters Nov 24 - Mar 15 9:30 - 11:30 pm Upper Canada College 3:3 Monday, October 2nd @ 12 noon
Sunday West (Family Friendly) Nov 5 - Feb 4 1 - 2 pm Lakeshore Collegiate Dome 2:2:2 Monday, October 2nd @ 1 pm
Sunday Combo Nov 26 - Mar 17 6 - 9 pm Upper Canada College 3:3 Monday, October 2nd @ 1 pm


We are pleased to announce that we will once again be offering U12, U14, U16 and U19 programming for our Youth members!  We will open registrations for youth programs on Tuesday, September 26th @ 10 am!

As with our Fall Outdoor Junior's programming, we will be extending our pilot with the CoCaptain platform for our Fall Indoor Junior Program registrations.


If you are new to the platform, when you select the link, you will need to Sign Up for an account (it is automatically approved). Please note if you create an account today, you will not see any program registration options. 

Pilot FAQ

What is CoCaptain, and what is the pilot program?
CoCaptain is a new sports league management and registration software platform that TUC is piloting this year.  We have extended this pilot to our Juniors Fall Indoor program. We hope CoCaptain provides a smoother experience for parents registering their children into TUC programs, especially when using a mobile device. We welcome feedback on your experience during the pilot program, as it will inform our decision to expand CoCaptain in the future.

Will I need to create a new account?
Yes, if you are new to the platform, you will need to create a new account with CoCaptain, as your profile data from Zuluru (our current software platform) will not transfer over. Creating an account is easy; you can even sign up with your Google or Apple ID. As a plus, with CoCaptain, you do not need multiple accounts to register your children. You can use a single account for all your registration needs.

What if I already purchased a TUC membership?
If you’ve previously purchased a 2023 Membership for someone you are registering for the Fall Indoor Program, you do not need to buy a membership for them again through CoCaptain. Conversely, for each individual you are registering who is not already an active member, please add “2023 Junior Membership” to your cart in CoCaptain. All players must be active members to participate in programming.

What about adult offerings, clinics, and events?
Our adult programs and clinics/events will remain with our existing software platform (Zuluru). At this time, we do not have any plans to move these to CoCaptain. If you already have an account with Zuluru, you will continue to have access to this account for historical Junior’s program data and use it for all adult and clinic/event registration.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  In Your School - School Programs for Students and Teachers

Want to bring Ultimate Frisbee to your school?

TUC is pleased to announce that we are available to work with your schools through phys-ed programs, team practices, coach training and assisting with school tournaments.  Fees are negotiable based on needs.  Check out our In Your School webpage for more information.