2013 Playoffs Final Standings


Remi cleans up for a score in the Monday Final

In the Comp division, Allth Darth had a strong run through the their games and final against the Ligers, taking the title with a 15-8 win. The highly anticipated intermediate final between Jonathan and New Era from the West and East divisions respectively, lived up to the hype. A tight game the whole way through, New Era managed to edge out the win 11-9. The Recreational division saw Lil Guy fly through the competition and take the final in an 11-6 matchup with The Unicorns.

Monday Comp
1. Allth Darth
2. The Ligers
3. Krash Kart
4. Slam Dunks
5. Disc Horde
6. The El Guapo Sausage Party/Wonky Pooh

Monday Intermediate
1. New Era
2. Jonathan
3. You Look Better On Facebook/red (final score not reported)
5. The Krabs/Natural Born Flickers
7. Dunken Monkeys/Lions, Tigers and Bears (final score not reported)

Monday Recreational
1. Lil Guy
2. The Unicorns
3. Flick Fu
4. Swingers Ultimate
5. Snappers
6. Mantees
7. Ninjastars/The Most Interesting Team In The World
9. MisFlicks
10. Faux Hucks



Darren gets up big for Monkey Bidness

The Hive continued their Competitive Tuesday night domination over Nor'Easters 15-5 as they took another repeat title. Monkey Bidness went to work in the Intermediate final with a time slot that was cut down to 30 minutes. They took on Masters of Karate and Friendship For Everyone and finished it 7-3. Friends of Quark took the 14-6 win over the Lounge Lizards in the Intermediate Tier 2 final. Juggernuts defeated the Ultimate Vikings 10-6 in the Recreational final, an odd numbered division that made Ultimate Vikings then have to play in the back door final to take 2nd place.

Tuesday Competitive

1. The Hive
2. Nor'Easters
3. I got 99 Problems But A Disc Aint One
4. Quick n' Dirty
5. ElkaBong

Tuesday Intermediate Tier 1
1. MonkeyBidness
2. Masters of Karate and Friendship for Everyone
3. Piggy Wants The Conch/Mega Gooch & the Swagger (final score not reported)
5. Goin' Down The Road/The Mild Mannered Bone Crushers
7. Hazardiscs/Delta Force (final score not reported)

Tuesday Intermediate Tier 2
1. Friends of Quark
2. Lounge Lizards
3. Finger Flickin' Good
4. Hungry Hungry Humans
5. Tea Moss Um/Drastic Plastic
7. Braddock
8. The "Disc"-iples

Tuesday Recreational
1. Juggernuts
2. Ultimate Vikings
3. Catch 'em All
4. I'm On A Horse
5. Spin Doctors (defaulted tournament)



Linquist gets up over Raina for the semi final upset

In a back come back win over The Martha Paterson's in their semi, Redi returned to the finals against Sweet. Redi and Sweet played their game on Rogers TV and successfully defended their title against Sweet again, 14-13. Sugoi unseeded the number one team in the intermediate finals, Frizzy Bees with a 12-9 upset win. Strangers with Candy did the same thing from the same position seed and took the Intermediate Tier 2 final over Hot for Teacher! 12-7. In the Recreational division, the 8th seeded C4, made a clear run to the finals and took the game 13-8 over the 2nd seed, Airwaves.

Wednesday Competitive Tier 1
1. Redi
2. Sweet
3. The TRIBE
4. The Martha Patersons
5. Rump Roast/Banana Cream Pie/fo' realzies/Komodo (final scores not reported)

Wednesday Competitive Tier 2
1. Max Power
4. Hot Cousin/COOL

Wednesday Intermediate Tier 1
1. Sugoi
2. Frizzy Bees
3. Tossers
4. Ultimate Warriors
5. The Flying Deuces
6. TNT
7. The Great Rumpuscat/Super Dumps (final score not reported)

Wednesday Intermediate Tier 2
1. Strangers With Candy
2. Hot For Teacher!
3. Wonky Pooh
4. Team Cupcakes
5. The 5th Element
6. Inglourious Hucksters
7. Fan-Flickin-Tastic
8. Mas Mastachios

Wednesday Recreational
1. C4
2. Airwaves
3. Gravy Train - More Gravy
4. Snoop Lion
5. The Ninjas
6. Naghteegieoughes
7. Fat Fingers/Airshow (final score not reported)
9. Awesomesaucers
10. Sexxxy Results
11. Mighty Mets



Receiver from The Yell toeing the line against Thursday Curse in the Tier 2 final

NoBS continued their successful touring season into the Thursday Competitive finals, where they dismantled Ultimate Warriors, 15-5. The Movement, undefeated for the entire season, closed off their perfect win-loss record against Panic! in the Intermediate final, 12-10. Thursday Curse disproved their name by winning the Intermediate Tier 2 finals against The Yell 12-7. Cleatsaurus had epic game against the Horizontally Hip in the Recreational final, leaving nothing left on the field and pulling out the double game point win 11-10.

Thursday Competitive
1. NoBS
2. Ultimate Warriors
3. Aerosol Headcheese
4. Bar Flies
5. Spidermonkey
6. Low Expectations

Thursday Intermediate Tier 1
1. The Movement
2. Panic!
3. Charlie Hustle
4. Go Huck Yourself
5. Woof
6. Lo Viste
7. Discarded Youth/LMD (final score not reported)

Thursday Intermediate Tier 2
1. Thursday Curse
2. The Yell
3. Force Lions
4. Cutbacks
5. Beefy Layout
6. The Mighty Hucks
7. Ultimate Pretzel Benders
8. Ninjastars

Thursday Recreational
1. Cleatsaurus
2. Horizontally Hip
3. Green Johnny
4. Frisbee University
5. Rub & TUC
6. Goon