Adult Summer League Playoffs

Updated with 2022 information.

Monday & Tuesday League playoffs will take place on one date (Sept 10), and Wednesday & Thursday League playoffs will take place on another (Sept 11) at Sunnybrook!

Monday League teams will play on Saturday afternoon and Tuesday League teams will play on Saturday morning.

Wednesday League teams will play on Sunday afternoon and Thursday League teams will play Sunday morning.

To register for playoffs, captains will register their teams online (separate from summer league registration) and update their rosters prior to the playoff registration deadline. Playoff registration opens August 8th. The deadline to register will be September 1st for all playoff teams. Captains, please coordinate with your other captains as only 1 captain should be entering a team.


As TUC continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and monitors our financial position to ensure we "break-even" as a non-profit for the 2022 Summer Playoffs, TUC has instituted a $200 entry fee. The fee is required for all teams competing in the playoff tournament to cover the cost of the fields, both the tournament weekend and the rain date weekend, to ensure that, unlike in previous years, playoffs do not run at a loss due to field expenditure costs. If we can return the rain date fields once we know the forecast for the Sep 10-11th weekend and get a refund for the expenditure, TUC will return a portion (approximately $100) of the fee.

IMPORTANT, the playoff substitute policy will once again be in effect for this year's playoffs. This may affect your anticipated playoff roster so please review the policy.

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