Summer League Playoff Substitution Policy

With the goal of retaining our existing format and encouraging further team/player participation, we wish to allow substitute players for the playoffs. We offer a ‘Roster Submission’ system that allows playoff teams to pick-up a capped number of sub players and then declare their playoff rosters to opposing teams. Sub players:

  • are registered TUC members in good standing,
  • are only allowed to play on 1 team (per weeknight) for the course of the playoffs,
  • can only qualify as a sub player if their team (for which they are listed on the roster) is NOT participating in the playoffs,
  • must be declared in advance per the guidelines below and free of objections by other teams

Sub Player Limitations/Caps

Participating playoff teams must have a minimum 5 males and 4 females participating from their roster. These must be REGULAR PLAYERS on the roster. Teams can then pick-up sub players, who meet the above guidelines, in the following manner:

  • the maximum number of male sub players acquired can be 2 males. However the maximum number of male players that a team can have, if it includes subs, can be 8 male players. Therefore if a team has 5 or 6 regular roster males, it can acquire up to 2 male subs. If a team has 7 roster males, it can only acquire 1 male sub. If a team has 8 or more regular roster males, it cannot acquire any male subs.
  • the maximum number of female sub players acquired can be 3 females. However the maximum number of female players that a team can have, if it includes subs, can be 8 female players. Therefore if a team has 5 regular roster females, it can acquire up to 3 female subs. If a team has 6 regular roster females, it can acquire up to 2 female subs. If a team has 7 roster females, it can only acquire 1 female sub. If a team has 8 or more regular roster females, it cannot acquire any female subs.
  • Sub players must be requested on the TUC roster form no later than the deadline indicated below

Declaration of Subs

Teams will submit their rosters to TUC by the registration deadline. The deadline will be the Sunday night prior to Saturday playoffs. Rosters must be submitted via the standard TUC online team format (team is created upon playoff registration, add players to team). The roster will include a list of 'regular players' on the roster participating, a list of the regular roster players NOT participating, and a list of requested sub players. The playoff team roster will limit the number of sub players you can acquire, based on the regular players you are listing. If the rosters are not submitted or are incomplete by this time, teams are not eligible to participate in playoffs. Roster submissions can be adjusted up to the deadline.

If, after the submission deadline, a team wishes to include a ‘regular player’ who is listed as NOT participating on the submission, but now wishes to participate, they may do so on two conditions:

  • The TUC must be notified AND acknowledge this regular player, prior to 5:00pm on the Friday prior to the tournament. All requests after 5:00pm will not be considered or allowed.
  • They do not violate the sub player limitations, meaning that they must remove the sub player who was taking their place

Rosters will be posted online on a specific page on the TUC website (which will be advertised to captains). We will aim to post rosters no later than 12pm noon the following Tuesday. Teams will then have a minimum 24 hours to review rosters and report any objections. During this time if they have any questions about a player they can contact the opposing captain(s). If opposing captains don't reply or if captains disagree with the declared subs, then they can file an objection. The deadline for objections will be Wednesday at 11:59am (noon). Objections include your name and team, the name of the team in objection, the sub player requested, and the reason why. After the objection deadline has passed no further objections can be made to a declared roster.

If there are any objections then that sub player will NOT be permitted to participate on the team requested. The team captain(s) will be notified by email on Wednesday. Team online rosters will be updated by Wednesday evening.

In the event that TUC denies a sub player from participating on a team, or if a team loses a player after the roster deadline, they have two choices: withdraw from the tournament by Wednesday at 5pm, or play with the remaining roster. After all, it is the responsibility of teams to ensure that they have a proper roster for playoffs and there is a ‘regular player’ minimum rule.

Sub Violations

TUC will routinely check rosters during the tournament and post all rosters at disc central. If there is a discrepancy we urge teams to report it immediately to our tournament directors as it is best handled on site. We will check rosters prior to championship games to ensure all team rosters are valid – even if no objections are made but rosters are invalid, teams will be disqualified and potentially sanctioned.

If a team uses illegal subs (that were not declared for that team) then objections can be filed to the Club. Post-event objections can be filed up to 36 hours after the tournament concludes; after which time results will be considered final pending any required investigation.

Teams in violation of the playoff roster rules will be immediately disqualified and sanctioned. If discovered on site they will be withdrawn from tournament participation.

Updated August 8, 2017