Below are our main committee contacts. You can also visit the links to the right for staff, League Contacts and our Board of Directors.

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Board of Directors Standing Committees
Executive Committee Chair - Chelsea Jackson
Human Resources Committee Chair - Kaity Williams
Operations Committee Chair - Juliet O'Farrell
Finance Committee Chair - Andrew Hunter
Board of Directors Ad-Hoc Committees
Governance Committee Chair - Colin Mattison
Inclusivity Committee Chair - Patrick Russell
Communications and Events Committee Chair - Sanjay Parker
Board of Directors Advisory Committees
Membership Committee Chair - Andrew Hunter
Athlete and Coach Development Committe Chair - Kaity Williams
Hall of Fame Committee
H.O.F. Member Harry Burkman
H.O.F. Member Monica Kerr-Coster
H.O.F. Member James Lim
H.O.F. Member Christopher Lowcock
H.O.F. Member Gillian Scarfe
H.O.F. Member Caleigh Garland
H.O.F. Member Dante Anderson
H.O.F. Member Leslie Anthony Lowcock
Committee Member TBA
Committee Member Executive Director
Additional Contacts
Webmaster Greg Schmidt
Media Liaison Executive Director
School Clinics Executive Director
Touring Executive Director
Volunteer Executive Director
Legal Counsel