2004 Charity All-Nighter


From Friday, January 23, 11:45pm until Saturday, January 24, 8:00am, TUC will be hosting its first annual "All Nighter" Hat Tournament. Hosted at the Downsview Hangar near Sheppard Ave. and Keele St., 72 individuals will have the opportunity to experience the euphoria of indoor ultimate.

For only $25 ($30 for non-TUC members) you will receive at least four 50-minute games using the ‘continuous-play’ format. Space is extremely limited (only 48 men and 24 women), and spots will be filled on a first paid-first served basis.


Congratulations to Team Black for winning the All Nighter Tournament. Thanks to everyone that participated!

Event Details

  • When: From Friday, January 23, 11:45pm until Saturday, January 24, 8:00am
  • Where: Downsview Hangar near Sheppard Ave. and Keele St.
  • Directions: By car to Hangar, from Keele and Sheppard, go east on Keele to the first entrance to Downsview Park (across from John Drury Cr). Enter the park, at the first stop sign, turn left (east) onto Canhall Rd. After crossing the railroad tracks (two sets), turn right. Go one building, then turn left (you're now driving parallel to Canhall (east again), and the big building on your right is the Hangar). The entrance to the indoor fields is at the very east end of this building (so keep driving until a fence stops you from going on the runway). By TTC to Hangar, take the subway to Downsview station and take any bus westbound. Get off at the park entrance a little before Keele (across from John Drury Cr). It's about a 10 minute walk from here to the Hangar (follow driving directions).
  • Cost: $30 ($25 for TUC members)

* Please note that all players are encouraged to bring non-perishable food items to be donated to a local food bank.

For more information, please contact: events@tuc.org


Team Red
Rahil Suleman M
Alex Schneider M
Warren Tang M
Tom Walsh M
Joshua Bates M
Andrew Gallant M
Oliver Chen M
Chris Nolan M
Jane Logan F
Miriam Khan F
Leigh Bird F
Erika Kulbach F
Team Blue
Kirk Nylen M
Stephan Lawi M
Mike Lane M
Christopher Harlow M
Noah Goldstien M
Dean Ruhnke M
Paul McGowen M
Matthew Olmstead M
Luke Fraser M
Bryn Dhir F
Melody Hui F
Christine Tibor F
Erica Lee F
Team Green
Damian Horton M
Jake Regala M
Hilary Leung M
Graeme Donnelly M
Mark Redman M
Andrew Hunter M
Etienne Fournier M
Jason Rundell M
Matt Canavan M
Jennifer Walker F
Karen Batty F
Ali Lavell F
Catherine Viau F
Team Yellow
Rob Wendolowski M
Dave Humphrey M
Ian Kerr M
Kevin Chong M
Arun Andrade M
Terry Rasmussen M
Trevor Baker M
Dave Kessler M
Scott O'Donnell M
Alison Davies F
Adrienne Slater F
Jen Barnes F
Team Orange
Matthew Harder M
Jon Belcher M
Brian White M
Danny Jose M
John Gebbie M
Dave Lapensee M
Lawrence Tjan M
Dan Shalinsky M
Tara Greenwood F
Cindy Woo F
Shelly Zister-McLearon F
Helen O'Sullivan F
Team Black
Jeremy Roedde M
Duro Oravsky M
Hin Tang M
Marvin Perez M
Gene Lam M
Stephane Levac M
Jim Lim M
Thomas Meyer M
John Shaw M
Christine Robinson F
Debbi Ragogna F
Diane Pendlebury F


  A Pool W L  
  Black 3 1  
  Orange 2 2  
  Yellow 0 4  
  Blue 3 1  
  Green 4 0  
  Red 0 4  
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
12:00   Black 35   Orange 19
to   vs     vs  
12:50   Yellow 23   Blue 40
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
1:00   Yellow 14   Green 44
to   vs     vs  
1:50   Blue 40   Red 9
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
2:00   Black 22   Orange 37
to   vs     vs  
2:50   Green 32   Red 19
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
3:20   Yellow 26   Blue 25
to   vs     vs  
4:10   Orange 31   Black 30
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
4:20   Blue 41   Yellow 13
to   vs     vs  
5:10   Red 20   Green 39
Time   F3 Pts   F4 Pts
5:20   Black 35   Orange 21
to   vs     vs  
6:10   Red 21   Green 37
Time   Semi 1 Pts   Semi 2 Pts
6:20   Green 25   Black 29
to   vs     vs  
7:10   Orange 12   Blue 24
Time   Finals Pts   3rd Place? Pts
7:10   Green 16      
to   vs     vs  
8:00   Black 22