2004 Charity All-Nighter II

Event Details

  • When: Saturday, April 3rd, 2004 1:00am - 8:00am
  • Where: Downsview Hangar near Sheppard Ave. and Keele St.
  • Directions : By car to Hangar, from Keele and Sheppard, go east on Keele to the first entrance to Downsview Park (across from John Drury Cr). Enter the park, at the first stop sign, turn left (east) onto Canhall Rd. After crossing the railroad tracks (two sets), turn right. Go one building, then turn left (you're now driving parallel to Canhall (east again), and the big building on your right is the Hangar). The entrance to the indoor fields is at the very east end of this building (so keep driving until a fence stops you from going on the runway). By TTC to Hangar, take the subway to Downsview station and take any bus westbound. Get off at the park entrance a little before Keele (across from John Drury Cr). It's about a 10 minute walk from here to the Hangar (follow driving directions).

Check out a video from Danny Jose!


Team A (Orange)
Karen Batty
Mike Lane
David Shimoda
Alison Davies
Mary Fong
Adam Kivell
Charles Orchard
Dave Pieterowski

Team B (Green)
Jake Regala
Sue Thomas
Darryl Cann
Mathew Harder
Alex Schneider
Chris Scriven
Bonnie Lee
Christine Tibor

Team C (Blue)
Bryn Dhir
Nicole Hunter
Shivean Woods
Danny Jose
Andrew Milne
Barry Rader
Lawrence Tjan
Kevin Wan Min Kee

Team D (Black)
Stephane Levac
Carmen Herzenberg
Pamela Roberts
Neil Griffith
Dave Lapensee
Stuart MacDonald
Randolph Orr

Team E (Yellow)
Chris Chapman
Jennifer Halpern
Connie Lee
Carina Mendez
Graeme Donnelly
Joel Halpern
Joseph Krengel
Damian Horton

Team F (Red)
Leanne Herbst
Jane Logan
Meira Louis
Eli Fidler
Rahil Suleman
Warren Tang
Andrew Wade Kulenkamp


  Pool 1 W L   Pool 2 W L
  Orange 1 1   Black 1 1
  Green 0 2   Yellow 0 2
  Blue 2 0   Red 2 0
Time   Pts     Pts  
1:00 Orange 39   Black 21  
to vs     vs    
1:50 Green 36   Yellow 18  
Time   Pts     Pts  
2:00 Orange 16   Black 20  
to vs     vs    
2:50 Blue 32   Red 28  
Time   Pts     Pts  
3:00 Green 26   Yellow 15  
to vs     vs    
3:50 Blue 31   Red 18  
Time Q1 Pts   Q2 Pts  
4:30 Orange 25   Black 23  
to vs     vs    
5:20 Yellow 28   Green 28  
Time Semi 1 Pts   Semi 2 Pts  
5:30 Yellow 22   Green 20  
to vs     vs    
6:20 Blue 27   Red 18  
Time Finals Pts  
6:45 Blue 20  
to vs    
7:45 Green 16