2010 August Hat Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated and those who helped out in the August Hat Tournament! The weather was fantastic and we played 6 hours of Ultimate at Varsity Centre. Congratulations to the Spirit MVPs from each of the 6 teams: David St. Bernard (Stall 9), Chris Davies (STACKED), Gabe Isaac (Good Lookin'), Chelsea Jackson (Undecided), Ann Chow (5 Alive), and Hugh Bousfield (666)! Here are the Final Results and here are the tournament pictures courtesy of Andrew Gater, Craig Stephen, and Ian Brooks. Enjoy!

Team 1 - "Stall 9"

Stall 9

Team 2 - "STACKED"


Team 3 - "Good Lookin'"

Good Lookin'

Team 4 - "Undecided"


Team 5 - "5 Alive"

5 Alive

Team 6 - "666"


Event Details

  • Dates: August 7th, 2010
  • Times: Sat 12pm - 6pm
  • Location: Varsity Stadium
  • Format: 7-on-7 co-ed regular pull format
  • Level of Play: all skill levels welcome (expect a mix!)
  • Cost: $10 for TUC members, $20 for non-TUC members.
  • Registration: Opens June 30th to Aug 5th at 12:00pm.
  • Contact: events@tuc.org
August Hat TournamentAugust Hat TournamentAugust Hat Tournament

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