2011 Great Canadian Ultimate Game

Ultimate Canada is pleased to once again organize the Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game, a national Ultimate game developed to raise awareness about the sport and support charities that work with youth and sport.

This year Ultimate Canada will be working to support two causes: the Boys and Girls Club of Canada and Ultimate Peace / International Ultimate.

This Ultimate game for charity will pit white against red for the majority stake in funds raised. The white team, representing Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, and the red team, representing Ultimate Peace, will huck, flick and layout to help their team become the champion.

On June 18 at 2:00pm EST, the game and score will be passed to Riverdale Park in Toronto from Durham. After an hour, the game and the score will move to Waterloo. At the end of the game, the winning charity will receive 60 per cent of the funds raised and the other charity will receive 40 per cent.

Here is the Ultimate Canada info page.

Event Details

  • Dates: Saturday June 18th, 2011
  • Times: 2pm-3pm
  • Location: Riverdale Park East
  • Cost: By Donation (minimum $10)
  • Registration: On line registration TBA
  • Contact: events@tuc.org

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game Schedule

Mountain time zone on June 17
1) Yellowknife: 10-11pm

Pacific time zone on June 17-18
2) Chilliwack: 10-11pm
3) Kamloops: BC 11pm-12am
4) Nanaimo: BC 12-1am
5) Victoria: BC 1-2am

Newfoundland time zone on June 18
6) NL: 6:30-7:30am

Atlantic time zone on June 18
7) PEI: 7-8am
8) Halifax: 8-9am
9) St. John: 9-10am

Eastern time zone on June 18
10) Quebec: 9-10am
11) Montreal: 10-11am
12) Ottawa: 11am-12pm
13) Kingston: 12-1pm
14) Durham: 1-2pm
15) Toronto: 2-3pm
16) Waterloo: 3-4pm
17) Sudbury/North Bay: 4-5pm
18) Parry Sound: 5-6pm
19) Thunder Bay: 6-7pm

Central time zone on June 18
20) Winnipeg: 6-7pm

Mountain time zone on June 18
21) Saskatoon: 6-7pm
22) Calgary: 7-8pm
23) Edmonton: 8-9pm

Pacific time zone on June 18
24) Prince George: 8-9pm
25) North Shore: 9-10pm
26) Vancouver: 10-11pm
27) Surrey: 11pm-12am