2004 AGM Minutes

Toronto Ultimate Club

2004 Annual General Meeting

Wednesday October 27, 2004

Call to Order

The Meeting started at 19:05 in Room #3B of the S.A.O at 1185 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto


In attendance were Derek Baxter, Rob Botman, Lori Bristow, Barry Goldlist, Jason Lansdowne, Jim Lim, Mike Pezzack, Jeremy Roedde, Dean Ruhnke and Christine Tibor. Each being sitting members of the Board of Directors and, David Babbitt, Harry Burkman, Tony Charbonneau, Erin Dwyer, John Harris, Paul Lindala, Stephane Levac, Chris Lowcock, Thomas Meyer, Rolston Miller, Kirk Nylen, Emily Tang and Rene Tratch.

Minutes of the Last AGM

The minutes of the last Annual General Meeting, held October 21, 2003, were read.

Motion to approve the Minutes

THAT the minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting be accepted as presented.

  • Moved by Barry Goldlist, seconded by Derek Baxter.
  • Unanimously approved.


Reports were then presented to the meeting by each of Jim Lim on behalf of the Board, Rob Botman on behalf of the Lands Committee, Thomas Meyer as President, Christopher Lowcock as General Manager and Emily Tang with respect to the Club’s finances.The members provided general comments and questions.

Motion to Appoint the Auditor

THAT TUC appoint Goldstein Paloc, Chartered Accountants, as auditor for 2004, at a fixed fee, - Moved by Jason Lansdowne and seconded by Stephane Levac

and that the financial statements and auditor’s report for 2001 be approved.

  • Moved by Stephane Levac and seconded by Barry Goldlist.
  • Unanimously approved.

2002 be approved.

  • Moved by Michael Pezzack and seconded by Jason Lansdowne.
  • Unanimously approved.

2003 be approved.

  • Moved by Erin Dwyer and seconded by Rene Tratch.
  • Unanimously approved.

Election of the Directors (led by Jim Lim)

The following members were nominated and elected to serve two-year terms on the Board of Directors:Rob Botman, Erin Dwyer, Stephane Levac, Kirk Nylen and Rene Tratch.They will join Derek Baxter, Daryl Chow, Barry Goldlist, Jason Lansdowne, Jim Lim, Dean Ruhnke and Christine Tibor who were each elected for two-year terms on the Board at the previous Annual General Meeting.

Other Business

A further general discussion was then held.

Meeting adjourned at 22:10 by Jim Lim and Christopher Lowcock