2005 AGM Minutes

Toronto Ultimate Club

2005 Annual General Meeting

October 26, 2005

Call to order

Meeting started at 19:15 in Room 3B of the SAO Building at 1186 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto.

In attendance: Chris Lowcock, Derek Baxter, Darryl Chow, Ian Brooks, Thomas Meyer, Andrew Hunter, Christine Tibor, Kirk Nylen, Renee Tratch, Sean Evans, Rob Botman, Sara Beheshti, Mike Pezzack, Rob Camp, Alison Fletcher, Leigh Kivenko, Graham Fletcher, Dean Ruhnke, and Emily Tang.

Approval of 2004 AGM Minutes

Minutes of last annual general meeting, held October 27, 2004 were read.

Noted the Board approved the 2001 to 2003 financial statements as not previously approved at the AGM.

Rob Botman motioned to approve the minutes including the above statement; seconded by Darryl Chow. Unanimously approved, except for Ian Brooks and Tom Meyer who both abstained.

Approval of 2004 Audited f/s

Derek motioned to approve 2004 financial statements audited presented; seconded by Ian Brooks. Unanimously approved except for 1 individual who abstained.

Report from the Board of Directors

Derek presented an overview of the Board’s accomplishments during the year. He also addressed the potential restructuring of Board and Executive groups.

Report on TUC finances

Thomas Meyer presented an overview of the 2005 finances to date.

Motion to Approve Auditors

Rob Camp motioned to approve Goldstein Paloc, Chartered Accountants, as auditor for 2005 at a fixed rate; Thomas seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Update on Operations

Chris Lowcock presented an overview of the Club’s operations for 2005.

Nomination of Board (led by Derek Baxter)

The following members were nominated an elected to serve a two year term on the Board of Directors: Derek Baxter, Alison Fletcher, Sean Evans, Sara Beheshti, Andrew Hunter and Rob Camp.

Derek announced that Erin Dwyer resigned from the Board.

Existing Board Members who were elected in the previous general meeting and who will stand for another year -- Rob Botman, Kirk Nylen, Rene Tratch and Stephane Levac.

Other Items

Rob Botman discussed the status of the Lands Committee.

Mike Pezzack brought up the idea of implementing a penalty fee for teams who fail to show up for Sundays during the playoffs.

Also brought up the idea of changing the existing scoring system, especially for allocating spirit scores.

Alison motioned to adjourn meeting; seconded by Kirk. Meeting adjourned at 20:52.