2007 AGM Minutes

Toronto Ultimate Club

2007 Annual General Meeting

September 22, 2007

Call to order

Meeting started 7:00pm at Scallywag’s, 2nd floor, Young & St. Clair, Toronto.

In attendance: Sara Beheshti, Rob Camp, Shane Creamer, Alison Fletcher, Graham Fletcher, Warren Foltz, Andrew Hunter, Kurtis McClellan, Tom Meyer, Ethan Milberg, Eun-Ah Park, Mike Pezzack, Jason Robinson, Ofer Shai, Rahil Suleman, Max Quijano, Kirk Brown.

Constitution of the Meeting by Board of Directors Chair Sara Beheshti. Andrew Hunter, acting Secretary, reported quorum is present.

Approval of 2006 AGM Minutes

Alison Fletcher motioned to approve the minutes of the 2006 AGM that took place on September 23, 2006; seconded by Rahil Suleman. Unanimously approved.

Report from TUC Board of Directors

President Andrew Hunter presented an overview of the Board’s accomplishments during the year.

Report on TUC finances

Jason Robinson, on behalf of Cindy Patrino, presented an overview of 2006 fiscal year and the financial position for 2007.

Andrew Hunter motioned that the 2006 audited statements are marked as received by the TUC members; seconded by Alison Fletcher. Unanimously approved.

Report from TUC General Manager

General Manager Jason Robinson presented an overview of TUC’s operations for 2007, including 2007 Financials year to date, status of membership and league and the changes that were implemented over the year.

Election of new Board Members for 2007-2009 (two-year) term

Sara Beheshti presented an overview of the responsibilities of a Board of Director member.

The following members were nominated and accepted nominations: Sara Beheshti, Andrew Hunter, Kurtis McClellan, Max Quijano, Ethan Milberg, and Warren Foltz.

Sara Beheshti motioned that nominations closed; seconded by Rahil Suleman. Unanimously approved.

The following members were elected to serve a two-year term on the TUC Board of Directors: Sara Beheshti, Andrew Hunter, Kurtis McClellan, Max Quijano, Ethan Milberg, and Warren Foltz.

Existing Board Members who were elected at the previous general meeting and who will stand for another year are: Robert Botman, Cindy Patrino, Kirk Brown, Stephane Levac, Mike Pezzack, and Rahil Suleman. Exiting members are Sean Evans, Robert Camp, and Alison Fletcher.

Appointment of Auditor for 2007

Rob Camp motioned to approve Goldstein & Paloc, Chartered Accountants, as auditor for 2007 at a fixed rate; Rahil Suleman seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Field Fund Proposal

Alison Fletcher led the discussion regarding the Field Fund and offered the positive arguments for reducing the amount of Field Fund contribution by members. Jason Robinson offered positive arguments for keeping the amount of Field Fund contribution the same, as well as providing an update on the Club’s current and recent efforts. Andrew Hunter motioned to reduce the amount collected per member from $25 to $10 per membership year; Ofer Shai seconded the motion. 2 votes in favour, 10 against, 5 abstained. Motion is denied.

Membership Proposal

Andrew Hunter led the discussion to incorporate an ‘introductory’ level membership into our existing offerings. The purpose and structure of the proposal was well received.

Playoff Format Proposal

Jason Robinson led the discussion to revise the existing summer playoff format structure. The proposal highlighted removing pool play and minimizing playoff weekends from two to one. The proposal was well received and it will be put to the membership for further feedback.

Other business


Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm