Layout March 2009, Volume 1

  Dear TUC Member,

In This Layout:
  • Spring and Summer League Registration
  • TUC Membership 2009-2010
  • TUC Summer League Registration – Important Changes
  • Women’s Intermediate Tournament March 28 –Already 60% Full!
  • CLINICS – Boot Camp: Preseason with the Pro’s!
  • TUC 2008 Pie Plate Has Arrived!

    Starting Monday, March 16, registration will be open for TUC 2009 Membership, Spring League, AND SUMMER LEAGUE! Please read the key information below:

    How to Register

    Registration is done online at Click the How to Register icon for instructions on how to get started. Also, check out the Leagues – 2009 Registration Information pages for more information on our memberships. For information on Spring and Summer Leagues, check out the links under ‘Leagues’.

    Key Registration Dates
    March 162009 Membership, Spring League, and Summer League registration OPENS
    April 06Spring League Registration CLOSES
    May 3Summer League Registration CLOSES


      TUC Membership 2009-2010

    Your 2009 TUC membership is valid from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2010. The regular adult annual fee of $65 is used to cover the Club costs of our professional full-time managers, as well as membership packages and insurance coverage. A portion of the regular membership ($25) is also allocated to our ‘Future Fields Fund’ which will be used to develop existing TUC fields and/or acquire new ones. All players in TUC leagues must first be a valid member of the Toronto Ultimate Club.

    TUC also offers an introductory membership for brand-new players or players who have not been with TUC at any point within the last 3 years. If you or someone you know falls into this category, we offer a 2009 membership for only $25! Any adult who was a member of TUC last year, in 2007, or in 2006; regardless of the membership you held (intro, pro-rated, regular) you must register for the regular $65 adult membership in 2009.

    For more information on TUC membership, types of membership, and its privileges visit the Membership Information page.



    Spring 2009 Registration opens March 16. We offer ONLY PREMIER TURF FIELDS AND SAME FIELD LOCATIONS for Spring Leagues this year, and leagues will run for 5 weeks, from April 16 to May 14 (Summer League begins May 18). Currently our offerings are co-ed only, but we may offer single gender leagues depending on further field acquisition. Stay tuned.

    Monday Co-Ed 7-on-7 BMO Rec League

    Dates: Runs from Monday, April 13 to Monday, May 11 (5 weeks).
    Times: Games from 7pm - 11:00pm (one hour games)
    Location: All games at BMO Field. Full sized fields.
    Format: 7-on-7 co-ed OUTDOOR SPEEDPOINT. Ratio is 4:3 male:female.
    Level of Play: Recreational
    Cost: $300 per team, or $40 per individual (to be placed on a hat team)

    Tuesday 7-on-7 Men’s & Women’s Cherry Beach Leagues

    Dates: Runs from Tuesday, April 14 to Thursday, May 12 (5 weeks).
    Times: Games from 9:00pm - 11:00pm (regular format 2 hour games)
    Location: All games at Cherry Beach Sports Field (turf fields). Full sized fields.
    Format: 7-on-7 regular pull format. Players assigned to teams. 4 women’s and 4 men’s teams.
    Level of Play: Competitive/Intermediate
    Cost: $45 per individual (teams will be drafted).

    Thursday Co-Ed 7-on-7 Downsview Comp/Int League

    Dates: Runs from Thursday, April 16 to Thursday, May 14 (5 weeks).
    Times: Games from 7:30pm - 10:30pm (one hour games)
    Location: All games at Downsview Park (turf fields). Full sized fields.
    Format: 7-on-7 co-ed SPEEDPOINT (see outdoor speedpoint rules). Ratio is 4:3 male:female.
    Level of Play: Competitive/Intermediate
    Cost: $250 per team, or $25 per individual (to be placed on a hat team).

    Sign up between March 16 and April 6. Registration AND payment confirm your spot. You must first be a 2009 TUC member in order to participate.


      TUC Summer League Registration – Important Changes

    Summer League will begin the week of May 18 and conclude the week of September 7. Summer Registration begins Monday, March 16 and closes Sunday, May 3.

    New Fees

    Team fees for Summer League will be $800 per team and individual fees (for those who want to register as a solo player on a hat team) are $60 per person. The increased cost on a per-player basis for the summer is an average of $4 per person. Summer season is 15 guaranteed games, co-ed 7-on-7, games to 17, full field.

    Fees have been increased this year due a dramatic rise in field costs. In 2008 City field costs rose 8%. In 2009 our TDSB field costs have dramatically increased (by 50%!) and turf fields costs have significantly increased (ie. BMO by 75%!!!). Plus we’re pushing hard for more turf time (better quality fields) so costs increase further. We can now anticipate a $30,000+ increase in summer field costs in 2009, some of which will be recouped through league fees and the remainder through reduced operational costs. We did not wish to increase fees this year, but feel that we must. We thank you for your understanding.

    Registration Caps

    New this year, we will also be capping summer team registrations online like we do for indoor leagues. There will be four summer team registration options on the website (1 for each night, Mon-Thurs), with registration AND PAYMENT confirming spot. Teams who are late will be placed on a waiting list (until we know exactly how many fields we have) and/or they can sign up for another available night. Caps will be based on historical field permits. As always we’ll do our best to put your team on the night requested, but if you are late and we don’t have the fields, you will have to find another night. Register early to ensure you get the night you want!

    Mandatory Captain’s Meeting Participation

    Captain’s meetings will be held the week of May 11-15, at a central location to be announced (no longer at the SAO building). Each team captain MUST attend the meeting for their corresponding game night or send a team rep. Any team who does not send a representative will be penalized – expect the majority of your games to be on lesser desired fields if you do not attend the captains meeting!

    Format – Unchanged from 2008

    This year we will continue to offer more turf field locations; including more games at BMO Field, Varsity Centre, Birchmount Stadium, and Downsview Park. In 2009 we will continue the Summer League format that we implemented last year:

    • Ratings ladder implemented on all weeknights to improve balance of play and allow teams to excel in the standings more rapidly
    • 3 SEPARATE LADDER DIVISIONS PER NIGHT: Competitive, West, and East. The competitive division will contain the top teams and game locations will be across the City. West and East divisions will contain intermediate and recreational teams (sub-divisions) with all games being played in their named division (West being west of Yonge Street, East being east of Yonge Street). Divisions will be capped based on field availability. Crossover games between divisions will be made possible where applicable.
    • Summer Playoff format: Summer League Playoffs will be a 3-game, 1-day format, held on Sept 12 (Mon-Tues teams) & Sept 19 (Wed-Thurs teams). The Scally’s Cup All-Star game will take place on Sept 13. Playoffs will be free to TUC teams.


    Heather Levchuk
    is the November Volunteer of the Month.

    Heather Levchuk is the February ’09 Volunteer of the Month. Heather was present both days for our Catch the Spirit High School Tournament, helping to score games, setup fields, and run skill clinics. She has also been actively involved as a Co-Chair for TUC Juniors, working with our Juniors Committee to promote the Toronto Juniors Summer League and even calling parents to chat with them. For any questions about TJSL contact Heather at

    Each V.O.M. will receive $50 Scally’s Dollars that can be used towards any purchase at Scallywags.

    Women’s Intermediate Tournament March 28 –Already 60% Full!  

    This tournament is offered by TUC, in conjunction with the Lotus Women's Touring team. It is aimed at intermediate level females who are looking to improve their game and learn from the experts! Players will go through a proper warm-up and brief clinic session and then participate in 3 games (approx 35 minutes each). All aspects of the tournament will be instructed and coached by elite level players from Lotus.

    Registration is by individual only, and done online through the TUC site. Cost is $30 per TUC member, $45 per non-TUC member, and open to the first 60 women who fully register – registration is already 60% full! You must be a minimum 18 years of age and this tournament is recommended for women with some player experience - it is not for beginners or for elite level players.

    Date: Saturday, March 28
    Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm
    Location: The Docks - Soccerworld
    Cost: $30 per TUC member, $45 per non-TUC member
    Player Limit/Signup: limited to the first 60 women who sign up!


    CLINICS – Boot Camp: Preseason with the Pro’s!  
    TUC is pleased to offer a special two-hour, indoor boot camp to get you fired up and ready for the outdoor season! For this, our first clinic of the year, we’ve reserved the entire Varsity Centre Dome at U of T, and it’s your chance to get firsthand tips and training from some of the top touring players in Ontario. We’ll be running single gender sessions side-by-side, with beginner and intermediate levels for each. We’re aiming for a high ratio of coaches to participants, and you’ll even have the opportunity to tell us in advance what you’d like to learn, as you register.

    Registration is by individual only, and done online through the TUC site. Registration will open March 16. Cost is $15 per TUC member, or $25 per non-TUC member. Here’s what to expect:

    Beginner sessions:

    • Quick intro and Q+A – 5 min
    • Warmup and dynamic stretches – 15 min
    • Throwing and catching skills – 25 min
    • Cutting and clearing skills – 15 min
    • Person-to-person defense – 10 min
    • Vertical stack offense and corresponding defense – 30 min
    • Scrimmage! – 20 min
    Intermediate sessions
    • Quick intro and Q+A – 5 min
    • Warmup and dynamic stretches – 15 min
    • Advanced throws and technique (inside-out, outside-in, inverted, break-mark) – 15 min
    • Horizontal stack offense – 25 min
    • Zone defense – 30 min
    • Scrimmage! – 20 min

    Any questions email



    - The TUC Team