Incident Report

TUC, in alignment with our current Strategic Plan, is taking safe space, inclusion, and dangerous play seriously, and we want the whole community to feel welcomed to report incidents that they feel are unsafe.

Please complete the TUC Incident Report Form to let the league know about any unusual incident which occurred in conjunction with your game. In particular you should report concerns around safe space, inclusion, poor field conditions, injuries, dangerous play, fights, instructions from facility staff, and the use of our fields by non-TUC organizations.  Incidents reported that are reported via the Incident Report Form will be held confidentially by TUC's Executive Director and/or the President.  Your team captain can also share an incident report when she/he/they enters the score for your game.

The Incident Report Form collects the following information: 

  1. On what date did the incident take place?
  2. Where (park & field) did the incident occur?
  3. Your name, team name, opposing team name, and contact information.
  4. The type of incident:
    • Injury
    • Field Problem
    • Spirit Problem or other Unsportsmanlike Conduct
    • Other issue (please specify)
  5. Please provide as much detail about the incident, the action taken at the time, and any other applicable details.

For serious incident reports you should receive a reply within 48 hours to notify you that the report has been received and whether further action will be taken.